North Vancouver Prenatal Yoga

Expectant parents - North Vancouver prenatal yoga is a great way to move your body while pregnant.

Unless you are a high risk pregnancy or have had complications, care providers recommend moving your body while pregnant. Sometimes, particularly in the first and third trimester for most, expectant mamas don’t have a ton of energy. If this is you, a run, hike, or any higher intensity activity may be off the table. If you’re in North Vancouver, prenatal yoga at any of these locations may be a great option to keep you moving while also helping with the aches and pains of pregnancy!

Kahlena Movement – North Vancouver Prenatal Yoga

Located on Highland Boulevard, Kahlena Movement offers a prenatal yoga class as well as prenatal pilates, a post-natal pilates and even a mom and tot yoga class! So if you take a class and fall in love, you’ll always have a class you can bring your child to! Not only does this make sticking to your exercise routine so much easier, it also fosters a healthy love for exercise and movement in your kids as they watch you model the behaviours! With classes for $20 each and a variety of class time options, including virtual classes, Kahlena Movement is a great option for getting your body moving in pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers - North Vancouver prenatal yoga

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The Yoga Root

Voted one of the top 3 Yoga Studios in North Vancouver for four years running, The Yoga Root offers in-person, zoom and private one-on-one yoga classes. While online classes are streamed via zoom, their indoor classes are offered at a variety of locations around the community.

Yogana Studio

Yogana Studio offers both private and small group yoga classes. Their website is full of the benefits of yoga during pregnancy and explains in depth how these classes are designed with expectant mothers in mind and full knowledge of the hormonal and physical changes you are experiencing. Their one-on-one classes are of course the most expensive, but if you can gather a small group of women, they do offer the option of classes for a group of four at a discounted rate.

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Fit 4 Two

Fit 4 Two is a pre and post-natal fitness company located in Vancouver. As well as yoga, they offer prenatal fitness, outdoor fitness and barre classes, as well as a sampler series to allow you to experience different types of prenatal fitness before choosing your favourite. Much like Kahlena, Fit 4 Two is a great choice due to their fitness options for after baby arrives as well. They offer a plethora of postnatal and mommy and me fitness classes so you don’t need to find a new way to exercise once baby is in your arms instead of in your belly!

North Vancouver Prenatal Yoga with Heather McCullough

Heather McCullough’s prenatal yoga classes are recommended by Canopy Midwives on their website. Her classes are located in Deep Cove. Currently, her classes are being live streamed, and are recorded in case you can’t make the live stream time. She is currently offering a “Spring Fling” special which allows you to try out each of her spring classes at a discounted rate. I would recommend checking with her first to see which of the three accommodate pregnancy, or if she would recommend a different option as an expectant mother.

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North Vancouver Prenatal Yoga

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