Family Photos Vancouver: The Best Spots

Family photos in Vancouver at Second Beach with mom, dad and son

There is no questioning it – Vancouver is beautiful. We are beyond blessed with stunning backdrops and gorgeous local escapes! During the summer months, the warm weather and all the beautiful foliage gives us a plethora of gorgeous backdrops for family photos in Vancouver. It’s truly one of my favourite seasons to capture families! Kids are generally excited to be up late and playing outside, and when you’re splashing with your kids at the beach, mom and dad are less likely to be stressed! Everything just feels a little slower in the summer, which gives you an opportunity to slow down with it and truly enjoy some quality time with your family while I follow you around with a camera!

You may be thinking – yeah, that sounds nice, but where should we go?

These are my favourite spots for family photos in Vancouver during the summer months. Whether you’re more of a mountain or beach family, there’s likely a great location that will suit your family’s lifestyle in here!

Stanley Park Family Photos in Vancouver

Whether you’re looking for beach, field, gorgeous flora and fauna or amazing views, you really can’t go wrong with Stanley Park. It can be tricky finding a spot that isn’t too crowded and you won’t constantly have people walking through your background, but if you can make it work, this is my favourite spot for sessions! Second and Third Beach have gorgeous iconic Vancouver views, as do other spots throughout the park. If you don’t mind waiting for people to pass, or getting creative with angles, Stanley Park is pretty amazing.

Read about my approach to lifestyle family sessions.

Grouse Mountain Family Photos in Vancouver

Again, talk about your iconic Vancouver scenery! The view of the city from Grouse Mountain is something else. It’s also just a generally gorgeous place, with trails and trees as well as epic viewpoints. If you’re the adventurous type, this may be the perfect spot to capture your family’s unique relationship!

Blackie Spit

Blackie Spit is my go-to beach for those who want their session done outside of the city. It has a bit of everything – beach and ocean views, field and trees. I love it because it offers a great variety of backdrops for your family session, but the environment lends itself to play and excitement for little ones, leading to more natural expressions and joyful interaction!

Pitt Lake

This gem is well-used by local photographers, so you’re likely to see multiple of us wandering around with camera bags on our backs, clients in tow. Fortunately, most are gracious and happy to share the space so you’re not battling for spots, but it may involve some waiting. It’s worth it though. The gorgeous mountain views from the path along the lake are definitely worth waiting around for.

Golden Ears

A little further afield, Golden Ears provincial park is definitely worth the drive. The stunning mountain and glacier fed rivers pouring into Alouette Lake are perfect for the nature-loving family. This place is my number one if you’d love more of an adventure vibe to your family photos!

There are so many amazing locations in the Lower Mainland that it’s not hard to find something stunning to use as a setting for your family photography session. I meet pre-session with all my clients to chat through location and styling details. We make sure that the setting for your family session not only suits your family’s lifestyle, but also matches the decor of your home so it ties in when framed and on your wall!

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Family Photos Vancouver: The Best Spots

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