I freeze life's biggest moments and turn them into personalized art.

I love to capture unforgettable memories for adventurous and creative couples and families, turning them into gorgeous artwork. I personally love a good adventure and believe those experiences are the most important thing we do in life.  When I was 18 I hopped on my first plane by myself and moved to New Zealand for 6 months. My husband and I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro together and hiked through the Thai jungle. Then we decided to become parents- a whole new kind of adventure. Now we seem to be trying and learning something new every single day. I'd love to capture the adventures in your life, whether that be the day you say "I do", stepping into parenthood, or raising children.

Photo by Jamie Cooke Photography

I'm Kelly Warkentin

The artist behind Kindred Photography. I believe:




Experiences far more important than things. 

Imagination and creativity should never be stifled

Asking questions and challenging the norm is how we grow

As a mom of two trained in photojournalism, I help families preserve real memories because I know how quickly the early days of my children's lives faded into hazy memories of sleep deprivation, diapers and baby rolls.

With a passion for connection and living in the moment, I aim to turn your every day moments into gorgeous art, so you can see the beauty in your life displayed in your home. Because when these memories fade, all we're left with is photos, and sometimes an iPhone just won't cut it.

Photo by Kathy Lui Photography


Capturing your life as it is

FOOD: Espresso Almond Fudge Ice Cream

BOOK: The Thursday Next Series by Jasper FForde



RESTAURANT: Big Feast Bistro

SPORT: Running



My favourite things




Spending time together and enjoying eachother is what life is all about - and I'm here to make sure you remember it.

I want to show you your life from a different perspective, so you can see the beauty you might miss when you're in the midst of it.

Professional training and more than ten years of learning and experience ensures your photos are of the highest quality


what I stand for

interesting things about me


I spent most of my life thinking I wasn't creative after my Grade 2 teacher suggested a "how to draw" book on my report card. Learning photography at 19 finally changed that.

When I'm in a really good mood I belt out Disney songs at the top of my lungs and dance in the kitchen.

I drink two to three cups of black coffee every day and truly believe I'll just stop functioning without it.

Photo by Jen Pesut Photography

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this is it my friend, let's get to chatting about capturing your real memories

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Send it over! YAY! >

this is it my friend, let's get to chatting about capturing your real memories

I'm excited, are you excited?

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