Why I Love In-Home Family Photography

In-home family photography session with a beautiful family of five!

There is something special about in-home family photography sessions. Over the years of capturing different seasons for many families, I’ve developed a few favourites. While there’s nothing as stunning as a fall golden hour session in the mountains or by the water, there’s something about snuggly in-home family photography sessions that make them my favourite. Here are four reasons why you should consider a session like this for your next family photos!

First reason you should consider in-home family photography: Intimacy

There is nothing more personal and intimate than having photos of your family in the space where you’ve built your beautiful life together. Baking in your kitchen, snuggled on your bed or couch, playing in your kids rooms. These are extremely unique images that only you will ever have. And they create stunning memories. You’re actually able to slow down and spend quality time with your family at home – I’m just there to document it.

Images from these sessions are intensely personal and really reflect your family – what you do together, and how and where you spend your time. It gives a glimpse into your life that you just don’t get with outdoor images.

Check out a full in-home family session here.

In-home family photography sessions aren’t weather dependent

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it rains in Vancouver. Like, a lot. Especially during the winter months. It can get frustrating to schedule a session, plan outfits, hire a hair and makeup artist, just to have to reschedule or have the weather be too cold to wear what you planned. With in-home sessions, though, weather doesn’t matter. As long as your home has some windows and we have some natural light to work with, we’re good to go! No getting soaking wet or muddy, no cold cranky kids melting down half way through.

Children are comfortable at home

Kids are always a wild card when you take them outside their normal environment and throw a stranger with a camera into the mix. I do pride myself on being great with kids and being able to capture a handful of beautiful, natural images that show your family’s connection no matter what the situation. But the truth is, it’s easier at home. Kids are on their turf. At home, they are in their happy place. Most kids love showing me around their home, showing off their room and their favourite toys. They adjust to my presence a lot easier at home and are much more likely to act naturally so we can capture gorgeous images of who your little one truly is.

These sessions are timeless

Years down the road, when you and your partner have grown old together and the kids have moved out and are building their lives on their own, you’ll have these precious memories of your little ones, in the home they grew up in to help you hold onto this fleeting time. Family photos, at home, never go out of style. No matter how trends change and what’s considered the “in” style of photography twenty years from now, these images will always be true to you – to who your family is right now. And those are memories that are always worth holding onto.

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Why I Love In-Home Family Photography

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