What to wear to your Spring Photoshoot

Well-dressed family at their spring photoshoot.

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the flowers are starting to bloom. Spring is almost here! And it brings with it one of the best seasons for family photography sessions! There are so many reasons Spring is one of my favourite times for family sessions, and while I’ll share all of them elsewhere, right now I want to focus on the style. I love being able to help my families coordinate outfits and pick out the perfect things to wear so they know that their images are going to be of the highest quality. Here are some of my favourite tips and ideas for what to wear to your spring photoshoot.

I’m going to give you everything you need to make sure your images look stunning, but first, I do have some “never” and “always” rules around what to wear to your spring photoshoot, as these can make or break the quality and aesthetic of your final product.

Things to Never Wear to your Spring Photoshoot

First and foremost, baseball caps are a big no-no. If your partner wears a baseball cap in his sleep, it’s going to have to come off for your session. Not only do baseball caps scream “underdressed” and cheapen the look of your images, but they also cast shadows on his face, and often block out yours for some of the more intimate poses.

Secondly, partners don’t let partners wear jeans. It is impossible to look impeccably dressed in denim. As I recommend all my mamas wear either a dress, skirt, or classier jumpsuit for our sessions, jeans also make the images look inconsistent. When one of your is dressed to the nines and the other looks like he’s going out for a beer with his buddies, no matter how gorgeous the setting or lighting or how talented the photographer, the images will always feel a bit off.

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Always do These Things

Some tips I always give my clients prior to our session are to get your hair and makeup done professionally. This will make you feel more beautiful and confident during your session, and really it’s just a nice treat for mom! I also tell them to coordinate the whole family without matching. You can do this easily by picking a colour palette you love and picking outfits within that colour palette. These are some of my favourite styles and colour palettes for Spring Photoshoots!

Style board for what to wear to your Spring Photoshoot

Blush and ivory are perfect colours for spring! They’re light and soft and go well with any backdrop! Utilizing different shades of blush and a handful of ivories or off-whites, your family won’t blend in with one another, but you’ll still coordinate and look fantastic!

Find these pieces at the links below:

soft blue and tan colour palette for family outfits

Soft blues and tan is another great colour palette for spring. Go with a dainty print on your dress or your partner’s shirt to create some texture and depth! Find these outfits at the links below:

Pink and cream colour palette family photo outfits

These pink and cream options look amazing in the soft golden hour light. To make it even better, both dresses are in my client closet for clients to use! Find these pieces here:

Bringing a floral pattern into a palette with similar tones like this one creates depth in your images. The dainty lace on the romper adds texture. I am personally a huge fan of lilac and mauves, and this palette would definitely be my first pick! Find these items below:

Nothing screams spring like soft butter yellows. This colour makes me think of a field of buttercups and just feels so light and whimsical in the soft golden sun! The sage int his colour palette is pulled from mama’s dress so everything ties in nicely. Find these items below:

These are some of my favourite palettes for a soft, stunning look that enhances the look of your images. As always, I meet with my clients before our session to help with styling the whole family, so if these palettes aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry! I’m here to help!

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What to wear to your Spring Photoshoot

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