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This sweet family styled their kids in some shop local Vancouver pieces for our session!

Shop Local Vancouver has been a movement for many years now. Historically, people purchased locally made items out of necessity. Eventually, companies discovered it was cheaper to outsource manufacturing and by doing so, they could keep costs down. Unfortunately, those costs they were cutting were usually people’s wages. In the race to the lowest price, the people who made our clothing and material items were trampled, and their rights ignored and deprived. After the collapse of Rana Plaza that brought so much of the horrors of our clothing industry to light, many people became more interested in shopping locally once again.

If you can’t tell, this is something I’m very passionate about. The idea that we would value a cheaply priced sweater more than a human and their health and well-being gets me really fired up. I’ve been passionate about purchasing fair trade and ethically made items for a long time. It wasn’t until I had my kids, though, that I discovered the endless opportunities to Shop Local Vancouver for children’s goods and clothing!

I’ll be the first one to say that since having my daughter, my passion for purchasing locally made and small shop items has gotten a little out of hand. After so long of struggling to find cute, stylish items that were ethically made, there was suddenly a whole world of stylish, quality and safely produced items for my kids, right at my finger tips. So now, I’ll admit, each of my children own way more clothing than they could ever need. My daughter especially.

Over her 4-and-a-half years of life, I’ve discovered endless amounts of small, locally owned and operated shops for kids. If you’ve been looking for amazing spots to shop locally for your littles, look no further. Here’s “the list.”

Shop Local Vancouver Company: Jax and Lennon Co.

If you haven’t heard of Jax and Lennon Co. yet, you may live under a rock. They are definitely one of the best known locally made shops for kids – and they have some great adult options too! This shop is my go-to for comfortable but stylish clothes that are great for play! They are soft and stretchy and my son pretty much lives in their joggers and tees!

My boys, dress in Little and Lively, one of our favourite Shop Local Vancouver options!

The Kindred Studio

Don’t let the name fool you – the only relationship here is that I buy too many of their items! Their another great one for comfortable play clothes! I absolutely love their graphic crews and henley tops for my little guys, and my daughter adores their twirl dresses. They actually now have three amazing brands! Little and Lively for the kids, Dwelling Apparel for the adults, and Pretty Laundry, which is their pyjama line!

Haven Clothing Co

This shop is another one of my favourite Shop Local Vancouver kids companies! I absolutely adore it’s blend of vintage and practical. Their adorable pieces are made in a soft, stretchy fabric that makes it great for play, but the vintage style makes it feel a little dressier than the other local makers I love. When we’re going somewhere the kids need to look a bit more put together, their pinafore looks adorable on my daughter and their overalls or suspender pants pair great with their comfortable henley tees for my boys!

Hey Folks

Shoes! Need I say more? Currently only their adorable soft sole shoes for babies are made in Canada, but they are currently adding to their factory so they can manufacture their sneakers locally as well! My kids have worn their Voyageurs all summer long for the last two years. They wear them at the park or the beach, and often even as water shoes. Though they technically aren’t made for water, they hold up great, dry really well and keep their quality, even after two weeks of playing in the ocean!

Little Associates

This is a great, much lesser known business if you want to shop Local Vancouver for your kids. Little Associates is a one-woman kid’s clothing designer who makes adorable, stylish grow-with-me clothes. Because these items are made specifically to fit for longer periods of time, they are more affordable in the long-term, as well as a more sustainable option for your quickly growing little ones!

Shop Local B.C. Nest and Nurture

This is quite honestly my absolute favourite option, so, though it isn’t exactly Vancouver, I had to include it in my list. If you have little girls, be fairly warned that upon discovering this shop, your bank account may suffer. Nest and Nurture is a vintage girl’s clothing line with the cutest solid and floral fabric. The owner, Yolanda, also often thrifts fabrics and creates one-of-a-kind gorgeous pieces from upcycled fabrics. She also offers gorgeous twirl dresses in soft fabrics that my daughter just adores. At this point, Nest and Nurture makes up about a quarter of my daughter’s closet.

One of our favourite local B.C. shops, Nest and Nurture

Those are some of my favourite local businesses for kids! If you decide you want to shop Local Vancouver for your little ones, I definitely recommend you check them out!

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Shop Local Vancouver for Kids

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