Vancouver Baby Stores: My Go-to Shops

Baby on a beautiful swaddle found at one of these Vancouver Baby Stores.

I’m going to be straight up honest here. I love shopping. Particularly for my kids. I honestly get more excited shopping for them then for myself these days. Seriously, kids have way cooler things than adults do. In the 4.5 years since I became a mom, I’ve spent a lot of time shopping, and have discovered a lot of really great Vancouver baby stores. So, if you’re looking for some great places to shop, you’ll find only the best and cutest at these places!

Hip Baby Vancouver Baby Store

While Hip Baby really has everything you need for your baby, the one thing that makes it one of the best Vancouver baby stores is the pretend play options. With a daughter who loves to dress up and pretend, and a son who does everything his sister does, this store means kid-free time for me. In fact, this past Christmas I filled my daughter’s stocking with play jewelry, crowns and accessories from Hip Baby.

Family of five playing on the front stairs.

Pebble Baby – Vancouver Kids’ Store

Pebble Baby has baby clothing, including the cutest and most practical footwear for wee ones. It also has other essential kids’ items including backpacks, feeding items and decor pieces for the cutest nursery. This is a great place to find high quality and locally made items for your little ones, as well as more popular kids’ brands.

Active Baby

Canadian-owned and filled with great Canadian brands, Active baby is one of the Vancouver baby stores I go to for gear. Car seats, strollers, high chairs, rocking chairs. They have the best of the best. They also carry some great Canadian clothing and toys brands as well!

Lagoon Baby

While Lagoon Baby is a Vancouver baby store that isn’t actually in Vancouver, it’s well worth the short drive to visit! It’s my personal favourite baby and kids’ store and if I’m honest, I probably spend more money here than any store other than the grocery store. I can’t go in without finding something essential. They have the best toys, cutest clothes, eco-friendly and chemical-free products. I found them when I decided to cloth diaper my daughter almost 5 years ago and have been a regular customer every since.

High quality baby items

Little & Lively, Jax & Lennon Co. and Haven Kids Clothing

These ones aren’t really stores, though they do all have storefronts. Little & Lively, Jax and Lennon and Haven Kids are our three favourite locally made brands. All three are designed and manufactured right here in the Lower Mainland, and are all amazingly stylish, comfortable and high quality.

Now that I’ve armed you with a selection of the best Vancouver baby stores the region has to offer, please don’t tell your partners it’s my fault when you drop way too much dough at any of these places. Good luck, happy shopping and I wish you self-restraint! Or maybe not.

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Vancouver Baby Stores: My Go-to Shops

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