5 COVID friendly Activities for Kids in Vancouver

In case your kids are starting to feel cooped up, here are 5 COVID friendly activities for kids around Vancouver!

It’s been a long last year. If your kids are like mine, they’ve probably watched every Paw Patrol episode two or three times by now. While the T.V. can be helpful when we’re all stuck at home together with nothing to do, sometimes it’s just too much. Too much screen time generally leads to my children acting crazy, so I’m often looking for COVID friendly activities for kids to keep us occupied! So, if you’re tired of hearing “no job is too big, no pup is too small,” turn off the TV and try one of these activities!

COVID friendly activities for kids number 1: Go for a walk.

Yeah, I know. It’s not exactly ground breaking. But we all know that exercise is good for all of us, and when we’re getting a bit squirrely from being cooped up inside for too long, a nice walk makes all of us feel better. The kids run off some energy, suddenly aren’t on top of each other, fighting, and I personally feel re-energized and more like myself. Living in Vancouver with our superfluous amount of rain sometimes puts a damper on our walk plans (yeah, that pun WAS intended), so this year I bought my two older kids their own fancy umbrella, as well as a rain cover for both our UppaBaby seats so we can even venture out in the rain.

Activity Number 2: A Scavenger Hunt

While you’re out for that walk, burning off some energy and letting your kids go crazy, give them a list of things to look for and collect. It will keep them occupied and alert as well as add variety to the activity so they don’t complain about being tired. Craving something a bit social – turn it into an activity with friends! While you won’t be scavenging WITH your friends, you can have the same list and connect on Zoom or FaceTime afterwards so your little ones can show their friends the items they found and see their friends’ items too!

COVID Friendly Activities for Kids 3: Go swimming!

Did you know swimming pools are now reopening in Vancouver? Sign yourself and your kids up for a time slot at the local pool for a unique, less crowded COVID-friendly swimming experience! My daughter is currently in swimming lessons and there’s only two other kids in her class. I have to go with her and am essentially teaching her to swim by following the instructors directions and she loves it! It’s her special Mommy and Paisley time each week!

Activity 4: Head to Granville Island

The shops and restaurants are open on Granville Island! While it does tend to be a busy place and I would recommend this activity for mid-week to safely avoid crowds, there is so much to do to keep kids occupied on Granville Island. And if you feel like a longer outing, the Aquabus ferries are open, so you can pop over the the beach and head out on that walk afterward.

Activity 5: Enjoy the Gardens

Both VanDusen Gardens and Bloedel Conservatory are open! This is a great alternative to just walking around your neighbourhood. It gets the kids out and about, gives them an opportunity to walk off that energy, and they get to explore the gorgeous gardens! If the weather is great, head to VanDusen, or if it’s more of an inside type day, you can still explore Bloedel Conservatory without getting wet! As both are only allowing a limited number of people in at a time, you can safely observe the gorgeous gardens with peace of mind.

Bonus Activity: Plan a Family Photo Session

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention that this is a great time to plan your family photography session! Vancouver has no end of gorgeous outdoor locations to take advantage of, and with COVID protocols in place, your family session is contact-free and social distanced! Find out more about the family photography experience.

Hopefully that gives you a few ideas of how to keep your kiddos entertained when you’re all needing to get out of the house for a change. Comment below with other COVID friendly kids activities you’ve come up with!

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5 COVID friendly Activities for Kids in Vancouver

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