Things to do in Maple Ridge

Things to do in Maple Ridge for families.

Many people who live in Vancouver aren’t even sure where Maple Ridge is exactly. They know it’s east. They know it’s countryside and many of them think of it as hickville. As someone who lives there, I can assure you that it isn’t so. In fact, there are plenty of things to do in Maple Ridge for families – especially if you love the outdoors!

Outdoor things to do in Maple Ridge

The thing Maple Ridge is most well-known for is it’s outdoor experiences – particularly Golden Ears Provincial Park. Whether you’re wanting to go camping for a weekend, do day hikes of varying difficulties on one of the many trails, or spend an afternoon at Alouette Lake, Golden Ears has an endless amount of things to do and places to explore. The Lower Falls Trail and the Spirea Trail are both excellent shorter walks or hikes for the little one’s in your life as well! If you’ve got toddlers in your pack, the Spirea Trail may be the best option. If you’re kids are old enough for a small challenge, I highly recommend the Lower Falls Trail!

Another great park and trail option is Kanaka Creek Cliff Park in Maple Ridge! It has a much smaller playground, but a large baseball diamond and isn’t nearly as busy. The hike might be a bit much for small legs, but is fairly short for older kids.

Just down the road from Golden Ears is Maple Ridge Park. With the river, walking trails, a large field, big playground and waterpark, this place is generally packed during the summer, but is one of my kid’s favourites! We pass by it regularly and my children always squeal with delight and yell “yay! The big park!” even though we’re rarely going there!

Maple Ridge kids at play.

Places to shop in Maple Ridge

Often locals complain about the lack of shopping, but one of the things I personally love about this place is that it’s not overwhelmed with big box stores. Rather, it’s easy to find and shop at locally run and operated stores with unique beautiful items!

If you’re shopping for kids, you’re definitely going to want to check out my all-time favourite store, Lagoon Baby. Not too far from there is another great locally owned kids’ store called Monkey Business. Both carry great, unique and local brands!

If you’re looking for a gift or a treat for yourself, you don’t want to miss Town and Country Vintage Home. This is another one of my personal favourites and is always my first stop for gifts for others. Oak and Ivory is another beautiful shop full of local brands and curated items. It opened recently and has quickly become another favourite of mine!

T’s on 224th and Lotus and Lemongrass are another two great gift shops, but I don’t recommend taking your kids in either unless they can listen well to the instructions not to touch. They have gorgeous items, but as they are small stores it’s easy for kids to knock things over if they aren’t careful.

Places to eat

Maple Ridge also has some great local bakeries, cafes and restaurants! Since this post is getting long, I’ll give you the highlights! If you’re looking for a quick sweet treat, Hansel and Gretel Bakery is our go-to. They also offer a few gluten free and vegan items (yay!) for those that need it. If your whole family is Gluten Free, or you’re particularly sensitive to Gluten, Zena’s dedicated gluten free bakery is right down the road as well!

If you’re wanting to grab a coffee and a quick sandwich or ice cream, Gratia Bakery and Cafe on Dewdney Trunk Rd and 222 St is the place to go. Their espresso is authentic and delicious, and their ice cream is homemade!

If you’re wanting a real meal, you can’t miss Big Feast Bistro. With healthy, filling options for all diets, as well as great coffee and desserts you can eat in or grab to-go, they are my favourite place to eat in Maple Ridge, hands down.

Maple Ridge is a great spot for family photography sessions as well!

Other things to do in Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge is also filled with great locations for family or maternity photography! Whether you’re looking for mountains, field or water views, I have local suggestions for it all! Get in touch and book your family photography session to take advantage of the gorgeous views Maple Ridge has to offer!

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Things to do in Maple Ridge

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