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Expectant families receive amazing hands-on care from the team at Transitions Midwifery

Transitions Midwifery is a group of four midwives providing hands-on, personal care to families in Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and Port Coquitlam. I’ve personally had the pleasure of getting to know the team, located in Maple Ridge, over my three pregnancies. Their care is exceptional and I wanted to write a post on them specifically because I can tell you first-hand just what an amazing choice in care provider they are for any mother-to-be who resides in the area they serve.

So far, my three pregnancies have all been extremely different, but no matter the circumstances around my baby’s growth and birth, they have been knowledgable, understanding, kind and supportive. While a few of the faces have changed with each pregnancy, the level of care the team at Transitions Midwifery has provided has remained above and beyond since I first walked into their office four-and-a-half years ago.

Sylvia and Erin have been there and have been amazing throughout all three pregnancies. Sylvia, the practice’s owner, attended the birth of my daughter, while Erin attended the birth of my son. My pregnancy and labour with my daughter was slightly on the dramatic side and included a 2-week hospitalization and threatened premature labour scare as well as a birth that didn’t quite go as I envisioned. My son, on the other hand, was a textbook pregnancy. We had no complications, a very straightforward delivery, and, other than a lot of raging hormones, very little of the unexpected. Now, I’m pregnant in the middle of a pandemic, and while my pregnancy has been fairly uneventful, this season has come with a whole slough of it’s own challenges. Throughout each experience, however, the team of Midwives at Transitions Midwifery has been supportive and kept me well-informed, while also allowing me to make choices based on my lifestyle and hopes for my pregnancies.

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I personally choice midwife care over 4 years ago now specifically because of the postpartum care they provide. As a soon-to-be brand-spanking-new mom, I wanted all the support I could get once the baby arrived. And man am I glad I did. Not only were they great during pregnancy and birth, but once I was holding my tiny little baby girl, trying to figure out what was normal and how to care for her, they came to my home to check on us both, see how we were doing, making sure we were figuring out breastfeeding and relieving any of my first-time mom worries by informing me of all the things I was freaking out about were actually totally normal.

The fact that I’ve stayed in their care for three consecutive pregnancies now is not just a matter of convenience. The care I have personally been provided, and my babies have been provided has been outstanding. I cannot recommend their practice highly enough if you’re looking for care during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

If you’re ready to get in touch and have the team at Transitions Midwifery care for you in your pregnancy, find their contact information here.

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Transitions Midwifery: Maple Ridge Midwife Care

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