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There is something special about in-home family photography sessions. Over the years of capturing different seasons for many families, I’ve developed a few favourites. While there’s nothing as stunning as a fall golden hour session in the mountains or by the water, there’s something about snuggly in-home family photography sessions that make them my favourite. […]

Why I Love In-Home Family Photography

I’m just going to come out and say it. No one is really ready to welcome their child. It doesn’t matter how much reading you’ve done or what you’ve bought or how much time you’ve spent around babies. Nothing prepares you for the life-altering moment of becoming a mother. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t […]

What you need for your Newborn Baby

I’m going to be straight up honest here. I love shopping. Particularly for my kids. I honestly get more excited shopping for them then for myself these days. Seriously, kids have way cooler things than adults do. In the 4.5 years since I became a mom, I’ve spent a lot of time shopping, and have […]

Vancouver Baby Stores: My Go-to Shops

At the beginning of 2021, I may have made a few too many resolutions. One of my favourites though, has been the 365 Challenge. I saw this in a photographer’s Facebook group – the idea of committing to take one photo every day for the whole year. On top of being a really creative way […]

365 Challenge: Photographing each day

As moms, we tend to take on a lot of responsibility and meet everyone else’s needs before our own. That’s why, this year, I designed my Motherhood Photography sessions to really pamper mom, but also to leave her with a priceless gift. Sweet memories with her family. As a mom myself, I know that when […]

Motherhood Photography Sessions

The number one reason clients pick me for their family photography session is my natural style. Families desperately want images of their children’s authentic smiles – of real happy faces and candid interactions. But when we sit a kid in front of a camera and say “smile” they either don’t, or their smile is unnatural […]

Family Photography: Why kids should misbehave

It’s been a long last year. If your kids are like mine, they’ve probably watched every Paw Patrol episode two or three times by now. While the T.V. can be helpful when we’re all stuck at home together with nothing to do, sometimes it’s just too much. Too much screen time generally leads to my […]

5 COVID friendly Activities for Kids in Vancouver

Whether you’re pregnant, you’re brand new at this, or you’ve been a mom for decades, you deserve a good pampering. Being a mom is hard work. Every once in a while, we just need a day off to relax. That’s why I decided to put together a list of spas in North Vancouver. Pick your […]

Spas in North Vancouver, BC

Family photos are priceless. These days go by so quickly, and before we know it, our kids are grown up and don’t want to hug us in public. I personally hire a professional to take photos of my family each year (because I’d like SOME photos with me in them). I always have the best […]

Why your Family Photos Deserve to be Printed

Many people who live in Vancouver aren’t even sure where Maple Ridge is exactly. They know it’s east. They know it’s countryside and many of them think of it as hickville. As someone who lives there, I can assure you that it isn’t so. In fact, there are plenty of things to do in Maple […]

Things to do in Maple Ridge

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