Lagoon Baby: The Best Baby & Kids Store Around

Lagoon Baby in Maple Ridge or Tsawwassen is a great store if your looking for unique and beautiful items for your newborn baby, toddler or pre-schooler.

Anyone who knows me personally even a little bit knows that I’m passionate about shopping local and supporting other small businesses. You’ll see this throughout my brand as well. The passion started long before I started a small business myself. In fact, I’ve been shopping at Lagoon Baby since before my daughter was born. Back then, the owner, Natalie, ran the store out of her home, and I’d drive to her front porch and pick up cloth diapers and adorable baby items every couple months.

Since those days, Lagoon Baby has grown and now has two storefronts in the Greater Vancouver area; one in Maple Ridge, and another in Tsawwassen. The Maple Ridge location happens to be about 5 minutes from my house, so it would be an understatement to say we visit a lot. In fact, if you get the chance to visit the Maple Ridge store, you’ll see Kindred Photography artwork on the walls around the store!

So, what do I love about Lagoon Baby?

Well, since the answer “everything” isn’t super helpful, I’ll give some details.

First, Natalie is just a sweetheart, and she’s created a team of amazingly helpful people who are always willing to help me find whatever I happen to be looking for, and actually don’t roll their eyes or act annoyed when my children decide to take half the toys off their shelves and leave them in random places around the store. In fact (and this may be the kicker) they even tell me not to pick up after them. “This is a kid’s store,” they say. “We’ll put it all back.”

Secondly, they carry beautiful, unique items, made by other local makers, as well as some of the more common high-end kids brands. So all in one place, I can find unique, great quality gifts, as well as the basics that every baby or child needs. We buy our shoes, our blankets, our books, our stuffies, our activities, our accessories, swimsuits, clothes here – pretty much everything.

And third, I just love supporting a small business that supports small businesses! Natalie’s done an amazing job of lifting up other local, women-run businesses by carrying and promoting them within her shop. It’s amazing to see the community built around supporting other women locally!

Ready to shop? Check out their online store if you don’t have a chance to go visit a storefront!

Not close to a Lagoon Baby but want to shop in-store? Check out my blog post on other amazing baby stores in the Vancouver area!

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Lagoon Baby: The Best Baby & Kids Store Around

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