Maternity Photography Vancouver: In the Water

Intimate water maternity photography Vancouver

Capturing the season of transition that leads to motherhood is one of my greatest joys. Whether its the first baby or the fifth, each pregnancy, each bond, and each child comes with a whole different experience. The love that grows inside you as your baby does and comes bursting forth like a gushing fountain when you finally get to look into their teeny tiny faces makes motherhood such a beautiful, joyous and unique experience. Another of my greatest joys is being in water. So for this maternity photography in Vancouver, we combined the two.

I generally actually rate how good my summer has been on the amount of times I’ve had the opportunity to be fully immersed in a lake, river, ocean or pool. None of this sitting on the beach with my toes in thing for me! (Honestly, based on this rating system, this summer has been pretty dismal, sadly.) So I had a vision of a more intimate session of just a mama and her soon-to-be-born baby, relaxing in the water. The lovely Caitlyn hopped on board with my vision and was happy to model for this maternity photography in Vancouver.

Gorgeous intimate water maternity photography session in Pitt Meadows, BC

It was a little bit difficult to find the perfect location, and we went back and forth a few times. I generally chase sunsets for my sessions so really wanted a place with a low horizon that would give us that perfect golden glow, facing the right direction, but also had water that was easy to wade into and would be somewhat private or at least not have many people around. We threw a few locations out there and each had it’s own issue, until Caitlyn suggested this gorgeous river location that I had actually never been to. Thank you, Caitlyn, you may have found me my new favourite location!

She was a great sport and was ready for anything. I know it’s hard to trust your photographer and a lot of people I work with are hesitant to get too dirty, but when a client shows up ready to listen to all of my suggestions, it is a good day. Caitlyn was a dream. Every time I asked the questions “would you be willing to…” and whatever request came next, she responded with a “sure!”

The result was perfection, in my own humble opinion. Everything came together exactly as I hoped for this gorgeous maternity photography in Vancouver.

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Maternity Photography Vancouver: In the Water

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