Spas in North Vancouver, BC

Moms work so hard and deserve a break at one of the many spas in North Vancouver

Whether you’re pregnant, you’re brand new at this, or you’ve been a mom for decades, you deserve a good pampering. Being a mom is hard work. Every once in a while, we just need a day off to relax. That’s why I decided to put together a list of spas in North Vancouver. Pick your favourite, and go treat yourself!

Spa Utopia in North Vancouver

Spa Utopia has a few locations around the lower mainland, so you can treat yourself to this one even if you’re not in North Vancouver! Whether you’re looking to get all dolled-up for an evening out, have a relaxing pedicure, or are thinking of a full self-care day, Spa Utopia has you covered. When we’re not in the middle of a pandemic, you can even have a girlfriend join you in the Spa 2-gether package and enjoy massages and pedicures while catching up!

Rejuvenating Body Spa in North Vancouver

This is of one the spas in North Vancouver Located right on Lonsdale Ave. Rejuvenating Body Spa offers massage, facials, waxing and mani/pedis. They also offer Spa parties, couple treatments and teen treatments if you have a teenager who would enjoy a spa day too!

The Balay Spa

Located on Esplanade Ave West, The Balay Spa is luxurious but affordable. They offer a well-rounded selection of facials as well as three different type of massage packages to suit your lifestyle and needs. The Balay Spa also offers Spa parties which are great options for get togethers with your girlfriends, baby showers or birthday parties!

Sabai Thai Spa

Sabai Thai Spa is another that has multiple locations. Unlike the other spas I’ve mentioned so far, this one only offers massage, but they offer many different techniques to suit each individual, including registered massage therapy. They combine Thai and European massage practices for a well-rounded and unique experience!

Lotus Bodywork

Lotus Bodywork and Therapies is located on W Keith Rd. She also offers only massage, but has a variety of options, including a unique Thai Yoga massage, where you move through different yoga poses during the massage. If you’re into yoga, this may be a really cool experience!

As a mom, it can be hard to find time to care for yourself. You work so hard caring for everyone else’s needs. Take a morning off, go get your nails done or a facial and relax and reward yourself for all your hard work! Now that you have a list of spas, you really have no excuse!

Always check with the spa about what treatments are safe for pregnancy if you are an expectant mother!

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Spas in North Vancouver, BC

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