Family Photography: Why kids should misbehave

When kids are allowed to break some rules at our family photography session, we end up with genuine joy and natural connection!

The number one reason clients pick me for their family photography session is my natural style. Families desperately want images of their children’s authentic smiles – of real happy faces and candid interactions. But when we sit a kid in front of a camera and say “smile” they either don’t, or their smile is unnatural and forced.

So I’ll let you in on a little secret. I don’t want your kids on their best behaviour. Often during family photography sessions, parents try to keep their kids on their best behaviour. They get embarrassed if their child doesn’t listen or is acting silly, but I’m actually completely ok with it!

In my experience, when kids are scolded or disciplined during photography sessions, they tend to shut down. It’s hard to get them to be happy and play and even one inauthentic smile is hard to capture. Usually, once a child has needed a talking to or been disciplined during a session, it’s hard to come back from that and capture amazing images full of genuine love and connection, which is always the goal!

Kids playing at our family photography session.

But, when kids are able to be silly, and are allowed to push some of their normal boundaries during our session, they’re thrilled! Their mischievous grins and the look on their face when they realize they’ll get away with some things they may not normally – these make the memories my clients frame and hang around their homes.

So, when you book your family photography session with me, there’s one rule: your kids are allowed to misbehave. Now, obviously there’s a line and you’r welcome to step in if someone if going to get hurt. But I want your children to feel free, to feel like I’m their fun aunt who let’s them get away with anything. My sessions are child-led – they get to call the shots. We let them play and be as crazy as they need to capture those sweet, happy littler personalities you love so much. And then, at the end, if you’re comfortable, I recommend rewarding them for it.

As a mom of three myself, I’m not going to pretend this is easy. No parent want their kid to run wild, and often we think if we let them get away with things for our session, they’ll learn it’s ok to behave this way later. I promise one hour of silly fun won’t affect your children’s behaviour long-term.

And at the end of our session, you’ll end up with stunning artwork for your walls, filled with natural laughter and authentic connection with your kids, which really is the goal!

If you’re ready to capture your children’s silly personalities and have stunning memories to hang around your home and pass down to them when they’re older, reach out to start planning your family photography session!

Learn more about the family photography experience here.

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Family Photography: Why kids should misbehave

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