5 Reasons Spring is the best time for Family Photos

Spring is one of my favourite seasons for sure. After what has felt like an extremely long winter, I’m welcoming this coming spring with open arms. With temperatures in the double digits recently, I’m getting giddy for spring family photos! Many families who hire a professional for photography each year wait until the fall, but there are 5 great reasons you should consider a spring session this year. And I’m about to lay them out for you.

Spring family outfits

Spring styles and colours just look so amazing in photographs. After years of long sleeves, sweaters, and rich fall colours, the soft, whimsical colour palettes of spring outfits feel fresh and light! Who doesn’t want to put on a light spring dress, dress your kids in open toe shoes and run through a field together? These soft palettes bring so much life and intimacy to photographs! If you’re needing some examples of some great colour palettes and outfit ideas you can pull off in Vancouver in the spring time, take a look at my recent blog post on what to wear to your spring family session!

Spring family maternity session for a family of three.

Spring in Vancouver is stunning

One of the best parts about spring family photos is the gorgeous blooms around the Vancouver area. If you can catch the cherry blossoms or the tulip festival and have them as the backdrop to your session, why wouldn’t you? Maybe it’s time to change up the bare trees and pumpkin look for bright, happy colours! Think of the rich greens, soft pinks and yellows and bright blues!

Spring family photos have different location options

Don’t get me wrong, I never tire of gorgeous mountains and fields with a fall sunset as a backdrop for images. But spring opens up location options that just don’t make sense in fall. Think of beaches, green fields filled with buttercups or wild daisies. And how you interact with these locations will also be different and create a unique feel in your spring images that you just don’t get in the fall. Running barefoot on the sand doesn’t make sense when you’re wrapped in a blanket and trying to cuddle in for warmth.

The spring experience is different

The vast majority of families wait until fall for their professional photography sessions. This means that photographers are extremely busy in the fall. Jam packed schedules, back-to-back sessions, late night editing. While most photographers still work hard to make sure their client experience is top notch, in the fall, there’s just not as much time to commit to each client. When you book your family photos in spring, your photographer is generally less stressed and has more time to invest in you and your session. After a slower winter, photographers are generally eager and excited to be serving clients and to try new things!

Variety in your final product

After years of booking fall sessions, it’s likely that many of your images feel the same. They may not look the same as styles change and your children grow, but the feel is likely very similar over all. Those bare trees, apples or pumpkins, dead grass. The locations and scenery likely all feel somewhat cold and crisp. While it’s a beautiful season and those images still deserve to be displayed, sometimes it’s nice to bring colour into your home decor with your images. Some seasonal spring images, brimming with vibrant colour, can be just the pick-me-up your family room needs after a long, cold winter.

Spring is seriously one of my favourite seasons to capture family memories! If you’re convinced that a spring session might be a nice change for your family, click the button below to get in touch so we can start planning your spring family photos!

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5 Reasons Spring is the best time for Family Photos

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