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A mom and dad sit on a bed holding their sleeping newborn baby and playing with their toddler son thanks to vancouver prenatal massage

While pregnancy can be an incredibly rewarding experience, it’s not exactly easy on your body. Your baby is growing a little bit each day, and your body is going to let you know it! Prenatal massages are holistic treatments that will help you cope with the aches and pains of pregnancy. Not only will they […]

Find Relaxation With 4 Vancouver Prenatal Massage Studios

A mother lays on a bed smiling at her newborn baby wrapped in a blanket

Pregnancy gives you a pretty good excuse to seek out relaxation. Your body is constantly doing a lot of hard work! Do you really want to be out there chasing down the pavement or breaking a new PR when you have the perfect excuse to sit down with a mocktail and binge your favorite show? […]

Care For Your Body At 4 Great Vancouver Prenatal Yoga Studios

A mother and father walk down a beach at sunset swinging their toddler daughter between them thanks to pediatric chiropractor vancouver

We’ve all met kids who are cranky for no apparent reason. No matter how much you try to comfort them, they’re determined to continue to have the worst day possible. While this can often be resolved with a good nap or a quick snack, sometimes, there’s more to it. Everything from their delivery to sports […]

Help Kids Feel Better With 5 Pediatric Chiropractors in Vancouver

All of us lead busy lives today, and there’s no better way to enjoy a full day of relaxation than by heading to one of the best spas in West Vancouver. To help you out, I’ve put together my list of the top spas in the area, all of which will offer you a much-deserved […]

Spas in West Vancouver for a Day of Relaxation

Unless you are a high risk pregnancy or have had complications, care providers recommend moving your body while pregnant. Sometimes, particularly in the first and third trimester for most, expectant mamas don’t have a ton of energy. If this is you, a run, hike, or any higher intensity activity may be off the table. If […]

North Vancouver Prenatal Yoga

The thought of giving birth can be fairly anxiety inducing for many mothers. Whether that’s your experience, or you really just want as much support as possible during your birth experience, a doula is a great option. The Doulas of Vancouver are a team of 4 who are available to support you as you welcome […]

Doulas of Vancouver: Support for your Birth

Every new mother dreams in the early days of motherhood of more sleep and some extra hands. There’s really no such thing as too much help. If you’re looking for a Vancouver nanny, I have an even more amazing option for you: Mother Me. Mother Me is pretty much the best business Vancouver has to […]

Vancouver Nanny: Mother Me

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