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Family welcoming their baby girl during our North Vancouver newborn photography session.

This recent North Vancouver newborn photography session has to be one of my favourite to date. I may say that about all of my sessions, but this one really was something special. Not only were parents Jenn and Mat super easy to connect with and a lot of fun to hang out with, but their love for their itty bitty little girl was just so evident and easy to capture.

When I arrived home from my session with them, I knew I had some gold so I ran to my computer and began uploading their images. Now, being a mother of three meant that I didn’t actually get to sit down and look through them until later that night, but as I did I couldn’t help but sit there with a smile plastered across my face. I sifted through over a hundred images to narrow down the best, and in almost every one of them, Mat and Jenn were just beaming at their sweet girl. Their North Vancouver newborn photography session did exactly what I hope it will do for all my clients – give them a chance to relax, be present in the moment and enjoy their new baby.

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newborn photography session in North Vancouver

Their baby girl was born a little bit early and on the small side, so despite being 4 weeks old already, she was tinier than most brand new babies and just as sleepy. Jenn and Mat told me they had been nervous that morning because she refused to settle and was having a fussy morning. I can’t tell you how often this happens! But just when we were ready to get started, she settled right down and stayed sleepy pretty much throughout her North Vancouver newborn photography experience. She was the perfect little model.

She stretched when poked and prodded, gave us great dramatic poses and really just enjoyed being cuddled up close to mom and dad all morning.

The transition into parenthood can be so tough. You’re sleep deprived and overwhelmed and learning on the go. You’re letting go of old freedoms and anxious about what your baby needs. It’s a lot. So, when I photograph a newborn session, it’s my goal to let parents just be in the moment with their baby. No pressure, nothing to worry about, just snuggle your baby and gaze into his or her adorable little face.

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Jenn and Mat did just that. They snuggled in and truly enjoyed the hour or so they had to relax with their baby girl. They took in her tiny features, gently stroked her tiny head, and even attempted to get her to make the blue steel face. Their images show the extreme amount of love they have for her. And who wouldn’t? She’s pretty perfect.

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North Vancouver Newborn Photography

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