Five Surprising Items You Need For a Happier Newborn

New mama and her sweet little baby. Read here to find 5 items Vancouver Moms need for a happier newborn

Every pregnancy website ever offers a list of things first-time mom need to prepare for the arrival of their sweet baby. Almost all of them include exactly the same things. These lists are fairly generic, and while useful, offer no opinions or recommendations of specific items. As a mom of two with a third on the way, I wanted to share my list of five surprising items you need for a happier newborn that you won’t find on those generic list. Here’s the top five specific things I recommend every first time mama have on hand for when baby arrives. These are items I’ve tried, tested and found true with my first two babes that I know I won’t even attempt to live without when I have my third.

First surprising item you need for a happier newborn: A Beluga Wrap

Most lists will tell you a baby carrier of some sort is recommended. The number one thing I will never live without with a newborn is a Beluga Wrap. These are soft wrap-style carriers made of bamboo, so they’re soft and snuggly for babe, but also temperature regulating. The soft, stretchy wrap holds baby snuggle against your chest, so baby is wrapped tight and can smell mom and hear her heartbeat. This is definitely a surprising item you need for a happier newborn! Both my babies would snuggle in and fall asleep within seconds of being put in their Beluga wrap. And, as you have more children, it gets even more necessary, as it allows you to hold and snuggle baby while still having use of your hands.

Items you need for a happier newborn baby.

Second item baby needs: a Haakaa pump

Both my babies have been thirsty. I’ve been lucky so far that neither struggled with breastfeeding, but they seemed to want it all the time. My oldest never took a bottle, and it was partially my fault. I tried to pump so that we could introduce a bottle and give me a little more freedom, but I’m not a patient person. I gave up pretty quickly. When my son was a couple days old, my midwife suggested the Haakaa pump. I went out and bought one and it literally changed my life. It’s a passive pump that suctions to the breast you aren’t feeding on, and within a few days, I was getting an extra 4 ounces of milk every time he fed. This meant daddy could get up every once in a while in the night and let me sleep an extra stretch.

Third item your newborn will love: a baby lounger

I didn’t have this for my oldest, but was given two when my son was born. We tried both the Dock-a-tot and the Snuggle Me Organic. Both were great and did what they needed to. Despite the photos you see of babies sleeping in these, baby loungers are not considered sleep safe and I do not recommend putting baby to sleep in one for the night. However, it’s wonderful to have a place to put baby down during the day where they can play, relax, or nap under supervision. As they get bigger, you can put a play gym over top of the lounger for stimulation.

Newborn babies being welcomed by their families

Fourth item you need: Mushybooks, the cutest baby book ever.

A baby book is a necessity. Between wanting to remember every moment, sleep deprivation and baby brain, writing things down is essential. I have been extremely picky with baby books for my kids. I’ve always wanted them to have lots of space for photos, all the important information, but not so much space for writing and extra information that I know I’m never going to keep up with it. Mushybooks, made right here in Maple Ridge met all my needs. With a leather hardcover and an ink kit for baby’s hand and footprint, they have plenty of space for photos, as well as all the major milestones. To top it off, there’s even a handy dandy envelope in the back of the book for all the keepsakes you accumulate that don’t have a specific spot in the book. I’m thrilled to be in partnership with Mushybooks! My clients get to see one firsthand during our sessions as it’s one of the few props I bring along.

Fifth item your baby needs: a OneBerrie towel.

All baby lists have towels on them. You can find adorable hooded towels pretty much anywhere, and they’ll work just fine. But being a new mom is hard, and certain things make it just a little bit easier. The Oneberrie towel is one of these things. Made in Canada, these towels are not only available in super cute patterns, they’re soft and functional. They’re made with two buttons and loops so you can use it and keep your hands free. You tie the towel around your neck so you can have both hands on baby as you bathe him or her. Then, when baby is all squeaky clean, just pick up baby and hold them to your chest and you can wrap them in the towel.

Bonus item: You’ll need an amazing newborn photographer

Babies are newborns for such a short time. Before you know it, those little fists are grasping at toys and that tiny mouth is forming the word “No”. It’s over in a flash, and somewhere down the road you may wake from the sleepy stupor brought on by night feeds and feel like you hardly remember it. I’m not sure if it’s a surprising item you need for a happier newborn, but definitely an item you need for a happier mama: A great newborn photographer helps you keep these memories alive.

As a mom myself, I know how beautiful welcoming a new baby is, and I also know how big of an adjustment it can be. So it’s my life purpose to make capturing these memories as easy as possible. All the photos in this blog post are of my clients, in their homes where they’ve built their lives, within a few weeks of baby’s birth. I come to you so you don’t have to try and figure out how to get out the door on time with a newborn just yet. I also make sure there’s plenty of room in our sessions so you can take breaks to feed, change or calm baby when necessary, without feeling like you’re missing out on camera time.

Personally, my kid’s newborn photos are blown up and hanging in our living room and on their bedroom walls. This time is something I never want to forget. If you feel the same, find all you need to know about a newborn session on my website!

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Five Surprising Items You Need For a Happier Newborn

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