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Hey, I’m Kelly! I’m a mom of three, lover of coffee a chocolate, and a North Shore Photographer for newborns, maternity and families. I believe that childhood is sacred and that, though the early days of parenthood are hard, we’ll miss them when they’re gone. I love to capture memories, real life moments.

Many parents are worried that their family photos will look stiff and unnatural. But I believe you should have memories on your wall, not just of what your kids look like, but of who they are. Their tiny details. Their big personalities. Their care-free smile. All those things that make you feel like you’re going to burst with love for them.

As a North Shore Photographer, I believe in embracing the chaos and the beauty of life and parenthood, whether you’re welcoming a new baby, still waiting for them to join you, or have four or five rugrats running around the house.

North Shore Newborn Photography

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If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy, a newborn photographer is a must. Babies don’t keep. Blink, and they’ll be 4-and-a-half and you’ll be registering them for Kindergarten. I speak from experience here. Those tiny toes, those gassy smiles, the baby rolls and sleepy stretches aren’t around for long. I capture them and freeze the earliest moments for new parents in a natural, unposed way, so when you wake up from that sleep-deprived stupor of night feeds and dirt diapers, you’ll have actual memories of your tiny baby.

I come to your home and capture these tender memories in the home you’ve built together. You get dedicated time to snuggle with and enjoy your new baby while I photograph you and your partner just doing what comes naturally when you’ve got your sweet new baby in your arms.

Maternity Photography

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This season of waiting is so full of emotions. It can be stressful, exciting, overwhelming, terrifying. But whatever you’re feeling at this particular moment in time, there’s no question – it is beautiful. It’s also extremely short. You spend less than a year of your life waiting to meet your baby, and then it’s over.

I love to capture this season in a natural way – a way that highlights your excitement and your love for your partner. Or, if this is your second, third or seventh pregnancy, in a way that highlights everyone’s excitement!

Family Photography

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As a North Shore Photographer for young families, it’s my purpose and delight to create images that truly reflect your kids’ unique personalities. I love to capture the silly faces, the little quirks, the drama and attitude, as well as the playful smiles and tender hugs and kisses.

Kids aren’t great at sitting and listening to directions for a long period of time. They need to move and play, so my sessions are play-based. Kids run, they tickle, they cuddle, the pick flowers and jump up and down. They’re not asked to look at the camera and smile because those fake, forced smiles aren’t what you love about your kids. The mischievous gleam in their eye and cheeky grin are. So at the end of our session, when you hang a photo of your child in your living space, you’ll experience that heart-bursting, joy-filled love, every time you walk past it.

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North Shore Photographer: Newborn and Families

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You want to find the perfect photographer for your family - one that will make your kids comfortable and capture all those expressions and moments that make your heart burst, without the frustration and stress usually associated with a photo shoot.

I help take care of every detail from helping select outfits, to directing you so your family doesn't feel awkward, and assisting in selecting the images that make your heart the happiest. My goal is to give you the stunning images you want of all your favourite parts of your beautiful life, make them into gorgeous artwork so you can enjoy them daily, and make it a fun and stress-free experience for the whole family!