Vancouver Newborn Photography

Last week, this sweet family welcomed their fourth child, and first little girl. Baby Ella came a little earlier than expected, which unfortunately changed our plans to capture her in her first 48 hours of life. Instead, her Vancouver newborn photography session took place when she was a mere 96 hours old.

Her family was staying at the Ronald McDonald House while mom recovered since they don’t live locally. I showed up Friday morning for their session, in the midst of a very hectic morning. No one in the family had had much sleep the night before and we almost rescheduled, but I am so glad we didn’t!

baby Ella getting all the attention from her big brothers during our newborn photography session

The boys were still getting ready and it was fairly obvious from the beginning that the oldest was not thrilled about having his picture taken. However, he was more than happy to be near his baby sister. All three of these boys were absolutely smitten, reaching for her hand, asking to hold her, and giving her kisses whenever they were close enough.

All three boys were surrounding their baby sister as mom got her swaddles and ready for her first photos. They were hands on and ready to help whenever mom needed an extra hand, and even when she didn’t! In the few moments they weren’t doting on their tiny new sister, they were snugging their nana. It took about 3 minutes for me to decide these were three of the sweetest boys I’d ever met.

Baby Ella's family welcoming her to the world with a newborn photography session

I loved this stage of our Vancouver newborn photography session because I had the opportunity to capture some of those beautiful, unposed, natural moments of love and connection that I adore capturing in each session. These are the real-life moments. No one is paying attention to the camera or being directed, they’re just loving their family and being themselves.

tiny baby fingers, toes and nose

While they were snuggling their sister and mom was getting her ready, I took the time to capture her itty bitty details – that sweet nose, those fingers and tiny toes. They don’t stay this small for very long. That little grip on her oldest brother’s hand just made me swoon!

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mom and dad welcoming their brand new baby girl during our Vancouver newborn photography session

We eventually had to steal little Ella from her adoring big brothers so mom and dad could take some photos with her too. They were both over the moon to get some face-to-face time with their sweet little girl. As I photographed the family and watch them cuddle her close and naturally smother her sweet face in gentle kisses, I was overwhelmed by just how loved this tiny girl was. As I chose their images and edited their gallery, all I could think of is what an amazing life this little girl is going to have, knowing she has so many people who would do anything for her.



Vancouver Newborn Photography

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