My Favourite Images from 2019

Well, another year is almost over. It’s been a challenging one for our family – adjusting to life as a family of 4, moving out of our home, transitioning to Pre-School and continuing to build on my vision for my business. After my family, my business has been the biggest part of my year as I’ve strived to build relationships, create an exceptional and unique experience for my clients as well as provide them with stunning images they will treasure for years. It’s been an honour being trusted by so many this year with their most sacred memories, so I wanted to share my highlights and some of my favourite images from 2019.

Top favourite image from 2019 from recent Fresh48 session

This photo has to be the first among my favourite images from 2019. While it’s not the most creative angle or composition I’ve captured, the connection and love between these brothers and their tiny new sister filled me to overflowing during this session. This image so clearly communicates this family’s fierce love for one another, while captures each child for who they are. This image brought their mama to tears when I shared it with her, and her love for it in turn brought me to tears!

mama kissing newborn baby while he sleeps soundly on her shoulder

This image might be my all-time favourite (although I’m pretty wishy-washy about that title!) Those sweet tiny lips and little nose all scrunched up, fast asleep on mama after a good dose of milk. Little L was so content in his mama’s arms. He was cozy and slept snuggled up almost our whole session.

See the whole session here.

Bride and groom in a dip at Fraser River Lodge

Shauna and Pete were so much fun to capture during our styled shoot at Fraser River Lodge. They were sweet and intimate, but also laughed hard and often. I adore this image of the two of them, completely wrapped up in one another, just enjoying being with the person they love most. Of course, the gorgeous backdrop of Mt. Cheam doesn’t hurt at all.

Bride and groom laying in flower field at Cultus lake flower festival, favourite image of 2019 number 4

Katey and Joe were another couple that were just so naturally and obviously in love that is made it not only easy but also so much fun to work with them. I absolutely adore this image of them laying together in the field of flowers at Cultus Lake Flower Festival. It was actually hard for me to pick a single image from this session because I love so many of them.

Check out this entire styled shoot.

Bride and Groom at Lighthouse park Elopement in Vancouver

I just love the idea of elopements. The intimacy and the ability to truly make the day all about you and your new spouse is exactly what weddings should be. Often we get so excited about the party we forget what this amazing occasion is actually for – committing your forever to the person you love most and building your life with them. The intimacy, connection and gorgeous setting in this styled elopement still has me swooning. It was such a pleasure working with Chelsie from Chelsie Dawn Photography to style this shoot and bring our vision to life.

Daddy holding his brand new baby girl

This sweet little girl was so alert and interactive. She seemed to be very interested in all the faces looking back at her, and my camera as well. I just love how this image captured her curiosity and intense gaze.

2019 was a great year. I absolutely loved meeting so many new families and being trusted with their precious memories. It’s always an honour to be invited into your families lives and have the opportunity to turn your memories into art. I’m so excited for what 2020 will bring.

Merry Christmas, my friends, and all the best in 2020!



My Favourite Images from 2019

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