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There’s still plenty of summer left here in Vancouver. The kids have been off for a few weeks now and, if your family is like mine, the bliss of slow mornings has devolved into bickering and boredom. So, as we head into August, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite boredom-busting Vancouver […]

Vancouver Summer Activities for Families

In Vancouver, if you’re local, you know that it can rain for months on end in fall, winter and spring. It can be exhausting as a parent trying to figure out how to entertain your little ones inside. There are only so many lego towers you can build and knock over before it starts losing […]

Cloud Dough recipe

Spring is such a gorgeous season for family photos. In Vancouver, as the trees blossom and the flowers come up, the colour and vibrancy make it one of the best times to capture memories with your family. But family photos can be stressful, especially with young kids. As a mom of three little ones, and […]

5 Tips for Vancouver Spring Family Photos

Finding outfits for family photos can be stressful. You want them to coordinate but not match, be a particular style, reflect who you and your kids are, and photograph well. As a mom of three, a family photographer, and a fashion enthusiast, I’ve found some amazing shops where you can get the best outfits for […]

Best Outfits for Family Photos

I’ve loved my summer family photography season – capturing parents and their young kids skipping along the beach or through a field while the weather is warm. But, it’s Vancouver baby photography that really has my heart. I was so excited to capture this sweet little guy after summer with very few newborns! I had […]

Vancouver Baby Photography: In-home Session

With so many great stores to choose from, I know the choice can be quite overwhelming when it comes to selecting where to shop in Victoria during your pregnancy. Today, I’ve put together my selection of the top Victoria maternity stores, all of which offer a wide selection of clothing that will keep any mom-to-be […]

Victoria Maternity Stores: The Top Three

Birth support is one thing that it’s hard to have too much of. Whether you’re giving birth for the first time, or if at this point it feels pretty routine, someone knowledgable and experienced who is there to meet your needs in invaluable. This is why so many parents decide to have a doula present […]

Vancouver Doulas: Birth support

bride and groom photos after ceremony

I got married in a rose garden nine years ago this June. It was beautiful and on top of Burnaby Mountain with gorgeous views. It was our second choice – the first being the beach, but all my favourite beaches had far too many restrictions. At least half of the weddings I’ve photographed to this […]

Why I love outdoor weddings

I sincerely hope this is my last COVID-19 related post. This is obviously going to be our reality for some time to come still, but I know we’re all getting tired of hearing about it everywhere we turn. But, the truth is, it’s hard to talk about anything else. It’s such a surreal and huge […]

Social distance with little ones: Motherhood Monday

Elegant and charming. Those are the two words that immediately pop in to mind when things about Rowena’s Inn on the River. This stunning and intimate inn has so much character and is situated on such a gorgeous piece of land that is makes the perfect venue for a wedding. If you’re looking for a […]

Rowena’s Inn on the River

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