Victoria Maternity Stores: The Top Three

Family of three, soon-to-be four at the beach. Find pieces for your pregnancy at these Victoria maternity stores.

With so many great stores to choose from, I know the choice can be quite overwhelming when it comes to selecting where to shop in Victoria during your pregnancy. Today, I’ve put together my selection of the top Victoria maternity stores, all of which offer a wide selection of clothing that will keep any mom-to-be comfortable during their pregnancy.

Mothering Touch Centre

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your childbirth preparation and maternity clothing, I highly recommend heading to Mothering Touch Centre. It’s one of the top Victoria maternity stores, offering a wide selection of clothing and accessories. On top of that, I love that they offer a wide range of classes for parents-to-be, including preparing for childbirth and parenting a newborn. I found the staff here to be extremely knowledgeable, and they helped me to select the best options for my needs during pregnancy.

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Bellies in Bloom Maternity

Bellies in Bloom is one of my favourite Victoria maternity stores, and their staff are so helpful and friendly. I felt so welcomed from the minute I stepped foot into their store, and they guided me through the shopping process to ensure I found everything I needed. Whether you need maternity or nursing clothing, they have everything you could imagine, and I was impressed by the wide range of sizes they stocked in store. It’s the perfect place to support any woman throughout their pregnancy, and I’d highly recommend taking advantage of their fitting service if you need to purchase nursing bras. They are so supportive of the women they work with, and I hear so many great reviews of this store and their staff.

Sailor Jack Consignment

While the name didn’t make me think they would be a maternity store to begin with, Sailor Jack Consignment is an excellent Victoria maternity store that offers clothing and gear for moms-to-be and babies. For anyone working with a tight budget, I’d highly recommend you head to their store or website, which both offer a wide selection of products. I really enjoyed browsing their selection of local handmade items, which would make a lovely gift for a mom-to-be. Each day, they add hundreds of new items to their inventory, so there is always something new for you to see. I found their products to be of high quality but at much lower prices than you might expect to find when comparing Victoria maternity stores.

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Of course, I also recommend taking a look at some of the chain stores in the area, such as H&M and Old Navy, which sometimes have a good selection of maternity clothing. However, for the best Victoria maternity stores, I recommend you head to any of these stores listed above. They are consistently rated as the top maternity stores in the area and are known for their great service and high-quality products. I hope that these stores will help you to find everything you need during pregnancy and keep you feeling and looking your best during this exciting time in your life.

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Victoria Maternity Stores: The Top Three

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