5 Things Every Expectant Mom Should Do

Expectant parents at the beach - 5 things every expectant mom should do.

Pregnancy can be a serious rollercoaster. Whether you’re the type of woman who feels energetic and glows from the minute that sperm meets the egg, or if you’re more like the rest of us mortals who battle nausea, aches and pains, discomfort, exhaustion and a lack of confidence throughout, pregnancy is a time when we can get away with a little more than usual. I mean, you’re growing a human! So I say, take advantage of the opportunity to be waited on and to treat yourself! Here are 5 things every expectant mom should do at least once during her pregnancy!

  1. Eat as much ice cream/cake/chocolate as you want.

Of course as mothers, it’s our job to fuel our bodies in a way that is healthy both for ourselves and for our little one. It starts as early as the moment we decide to try to conceive – ensuring we’re getting the right amount of vitamins, iron, calories. But I say, at least once in your pregnancy (maybe even twice if your pregnancy is particularly difficult), you should treat yourself. Let yourself have that extra piece of cake, or another scoop of ice cream. Eat the chips straight from the bag and only stop when you feel like it. Indulge. You’re growing a human. You’re a rockstar and you deserve it.

2. Go to the spa.

Whether this is a regular activity for you or not, you deserve to be pampered. With all my pregnancies I planned a pedicure in my last trimester. There’s really nothing like having someone give you a foot and leg massage and tend tot he toes you can no longer see when you’re swollen and exhausted.

3. Date your partner.

I know, I know. You’ve done that. That’s how you ended up an expectant mom! It’s really easy to lose sight of your significant other once the baby comes. Babies are notoriously needy. They take up almost all your thoughts, energy, and time for quite a while. Dating your partner makes my list of 5 things every expectant mom should do because it’s the most important relationship in your life and in your babies, and co-parents can often feel neglected after the baby arrives. Make sure you’re getting lots of good quality time in before baby arrives!

4. Spend time with your girlfriends.

This is kind of the same as above – it’s difficult to find time for friends when your baby arrives. Unless your friends are childless and happy to come hang out and just be there while you go through the nurse/burp/change/nap routine over and over again, this is a pleasure that may be harder to enjoy for a while after baby arrives. So get all that good girl time in while you can, because it might be a while.

5. Buy something for yourself.

Moms have a reputation of being extremely selfless when it comes to shopping. Once your baby arrives, you’re likely to find yourself spending the majority of your hard earned money on the little munchkin. I hear so often from moms that they have hardly bought themselves any new clothes since they had kids! So, take this chance to treat yourself to something you want and can enjoy after baby arrives! My personal suggestion? A maternity and newborn session!

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5 Things Every Expectant Mom Should Do

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