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Family walking down the beach - Surrey Family Photographer

B.C. has just the most gorgeous scenery, making for just the best backdrops for family photos. As a Surrey family photographer I feel so lucky to have places such as Crescent Beach and Blackie Spit as locations I can take my clients for stunning images of their growing families! But our beautiful landscape is just one things that makes for stunning images.

One of my recent family session took place on White Rock Beach on one of the hottest days in April. It was perfect. I had the opportunity to be Surrey Family Photographer for very dear friends, whom I hadn’t seen in almost a year. We enjoyed a beach picnic of fish and chips, then played by the waters edge as the sun descended below the tree line in the distance.

Beach session with a Surrey Family at White Rock Beach

Things started out a bit rocky as their 3-and-a-half-year-old son, who has this amazing gift of falling asleep whenever and wherever, had decided to nap right before our session. While most parents would be envious of this quality, it does come with a downside. When he gets woken up, he is NOT impressed. So, when his parents woke him up a few minutes before we started, the little guy was (understandably) was pretty grumpy. To put more pressure on the matter, the tide was coming in faster than the sun was going down.

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We got little K on daddy’s shoulders and he seemed more content there, so there he stayed and we started the session. Big sister A was happy to run to the water, dip her toes in and run back. She played with mom and dad and was just generally a dream! She even coaxed her brother down from dad’s shoulders for a little snuggle. This sweet family is generally very affectionate and playful, so I knew my job would be easy once we got the little guy in a good mood. And I was right.

The breathtaking scenery, this sweet, stunning family, and the gorgeous sunset made for one of my favourite sessions to date. It’s always fun for me to capture memories for my friends, and this was no different! Unfortunately, we had to end quite suddenly when the tide came rushing in and almost washed us and all our things away! We quickly tossed things in bags and got the stroller off the beach just before tide pools connected around us and left our things swimming!

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Surrey Family Photographer

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