Vancouver Family Photography: The Gordons

Vancouver Family Photography session with beautiful family of three.

A couple weeks ago now I ventured into Stanley Park’s Second Beach for a Vancouver Family Photography session with the Gordons. Their session immediately became my favourite I’ve ever photographed. It was everything I hope all my sessions will be – playful, fun, natural, and full of their love for one another.

From the moment of meeting Allie and Brady, it’s easy to see their love for one another. Their relationship still seems to have the newly wed feel. And their extreme love for their one-year-old boy was undeniable. He’s their world and it’s obvious to anyone watching.

We chose Second Beach in Stanley Park for our Vancouver family photography session because it’s a favourite hangout for their family. It was the perfect spot. All three felt comfortable and they did exactly what they’d normally do at the beach while I just ran around following them with my camera in front of my face!

I personally am in love with this session because it not only captures their easy laughter, playful personalities and unique connection and love for one another, but it also tells a story. It tells their story – one of a young family in love with the life they’ve built together, teaching their little boy about the things they love and appreciate.

The beach is one of my favourite locations for a session because there’s so much exploring and playing to do! It naturally brings out kids’ personalities! First activity on our agenda for the evening was looking for crabs. Brady and Allie flipped over rocks until they found a good sized one and then told me to be ready because last time they did this their son promptly grabbed the crab and popped it into his mouth! Fortunately for my anxiety, there was no fresh seafood during our session, but he did seem to be considering it!

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Vancouver family photography session at Second Beach in Stanley Park

Of course, being one and at the beach, he also wanted to run into the water. This just wouldn’t do in leather shoes, so they decided to let the little guy run around barefoot. He quickly discovered that the wet sand wasn’t quite the same as running barefoot through dry sand and he wasn’t too sure he liked the sensation. So the shoes went back on and Allie and Brady spent much of our session trying to steer him away from running straight into tide pools with only mild success!

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But I think my favourite story told through this session was the one of this little guy’s love for his parents. Dad works outside the home, so he spends a lot of his time with mom during the day, and dad has become a bit of a novelty! He wanted to be in dad’s arms, play with dad and hold his hand while he walked. It made getting some images of him and mom and challenge, but we learned the trick. Apparently he has a bit of a jealous streak and doesn’t like dad kissing his mom.

Overall, this Vancouver family photography session filled my creative dreams and supplied this family with tons of stunning memories to choose from and display around their home. I can hardly wait to see which they choose to hang on their walls!

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Vancouver Family Photography: The Gordons

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