Nanaimo Baby Stores: The Best Choices

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Want to find the best baby stores in Nanaimo but not quite sure where to look? I’m here to help. I’ve done the research and rounded up a few favourite Nanaimo baby stores so you don’t have to – enjoy!

1.Once Upon a Child

My first pick for top Nanaimo baby stores is Once Upon a Child. This store is a really great choice for those of you moms who want to find the cutest pieces for their kids, whilst also doing your bit for the environment. 

If you’re into sustainability then you’ll love browsing around their Nanaimo store and checking out all of the beautiful pre-loved pieces. They look to source their stock ethically and are also able to offer up to 70% off of standard retail prices: that’s got to be a win-win scenario!

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2. Pumpkin Pie Kids 

I had to include Pumpkin Pie Kids on this list of Nanaimo baby stores, as they have been voted Nanaimo’s Best of the City children’s clothing store for a number of years. Running a 3-generational mother-daughter operation, these guys have been designing and creating their own bespoke clothing lines since 1992. 

Alongside their own lines, Pumpkin Pie stocks several other great quality kids brands, all of which are fashion-forward and really put the fun style factor into kids’ clothing. They offer footwear and an in-store fitting service to make sure your little ones’ shoes are just right, as well as selling lunch gear and backpacks, and swimwear and rainwear are stocked all year round.

3. Kool and Child

When it comes to Nanaimo baby stores, Kool and Child are your one-stop-toy-shop. They’ve got fantastic reviews across the board and offer something for kids of all ages. The company has been around since way back in 1965 when they opened their first Ontario store, and have since been offering high-quality toys and learning tools for kids all over Canada ever since. 

Their 6400 square foot Nanaimo store boasts a vast range of fun educational products, so you can easily find some great stuff for your kids to enjoy whilst learning at the same time. They pride themselves on having staff who are super knowledgeable about their teaching products, and selecting lines that encourage imagination and creativity.

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4. Pea Shoots Consignment

For something that offers a slightly different approach, I thought it was well worth mentioning Pea Shoots Consignment. It’s run by moms for moms and offers some incredible used clothing options. Kids grow out of their stuff so fast when they’re little, and it’s easy to let piles of stuff mount up and feel like you’re always shopping for more. When buying pre-loved stuff you can feel a little less guilty about adding to landfill whilst also grabbing some great bargains at the same time! 

As Nanaimo baby stores go, this one offers some really cute preloved items to keep an eye out for, from newborn to 14 years. They also have handy and flexible pickup and delivery options to make that new mom life a little bit easier.

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Nanaimo Baby Stores: The Best Choices

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