Newborn Photographer Vancouver: Lifestyle Session

Newborn Photographer Vancouver, in-home lifestyle session made for cuddles.

I’m a Newborn Photographer in Vancouver, but my sessions aren’t what you typically picture when you think of newborn photos. Most people think of something close to Anne Geddes’ famous images of babies wrapped up and placed in tea cups, baskets or watering cans. These images are adorable and baby always looks so snug. But honestly, one of the most exciting things about having a baby, to me, is the family it’s being welcomed into!

New parents first discovering what it’s like to love their own child, big siblings and the wonder on their face as they process that the thing that grew in mom’s tummy for so long is actually a little person that they can hug and kiss. So, instead of wrapping babies tightly and posing them, my aim as a Newborn Photographer in Vancouver is to capture the emotion and the relationship between this family and their new addition. We call this style of session lifestyle.

Lifestyle in-home newborn sessions are all about celebrating with a family as they welcome their newest member!

I recently had the opportunity to celebrate with Marc and Michelle as they welcomed baby girl number two. They invited me into their home just a few weeks after baby girl was born and I photographed them all as they snuggled on their bed or in the their living room. Big sister was thrilled to hold and kiss her new little sister, and mom and dad had a chance to just sit down and snuggle their newest family member.

Of course, in each session we focus in a bit on baby. I make sure to capture those itty bitty details that change and grow so fast. We unwrap the tiny toes and fists to make sure you can remember just how small your little one was when they first joined your family. I personally make it my mission to capture a yawn or sweet little grimace if I possibly can. This little girl did amazing and gave us the perfect stretch and yawn in the middle of her session.

Family welcoming their newborn baby during their lifestyle newborn session.

I just love when families invite me into their homes where they’ve built their life. There’s something so special about capturing a little one in the space where they will learn to crawl, talk and walk.

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Newborn Photographer Vancouver: Lifestyle Session

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