Modern Midwifery: Delta Midwifery Practice

Modern Midwifery provides care for expectant parents in the Delta area.

Midwife care has become a popular choice for pregnant women in the lower mainland. The personal, hands-on, informed consent model of care they provide means that each parent’s unique needs are met. I’ve personally had a midwife now with all three of my children and wouldn’t have it any other way. Modern Midwifery is a Delta-based midwifery practice. I had a chance to chat with them about their philosophy of care and the experience an expectant parent could anticipate when in their care.

Located on 120th St in Delta, BC. Modern Midwifery has rights to deliver at both Surrey Memorial and Peace Arch Hospitals. If you’re planning on having your baby in either of these hospitals, or if you’re considering giving birth at home in Delta, keep reading to learn more about their practice!

The Modern Midwifery Approach to Care

Common among midwifery practices, when I asked about their philosophy of care, Jess talked a lot about informed choice and informed consent. This means patients have a meaningful right to decline tests, exams or any aspects of care and that the person giving birth is in the position of power and authority with regards to their body. She also mentioned that their care had firm grounding in evidence and physiology as they educate their clients about how and why their body is doing what it does so that they feel empowered in their care and choices they are making for their family.

Prenatal care and support during labour and delivery make such a big difference as your family grows.

What makes their midwifery practice unique?

Most of the midwives who will be overseeing your care under Modern Midwifery also have additional training and certifications. Jess is trained in hormonal contraception, Veronika is finishing up her lactation consultant training, and Jordan is able to first assist in the case of a cesarean section. On top of this, they share their space with naturopathic physicians and are located next to a lifelabs, which is extremely convenient for all those blood tests!

How many midwives are in charge of my care?

Modern Midwifery has a team of 4 midwives. To ensure that you’re comfortable with whichever midwife happens to be on call during your labour, they make sure everyone gets an appointment or two with each midwife. All four midwives have closely aligned philosophies and really welcome feedback. It’s their goal that birthing parents have the best experience possible during this life-changing exerpeince. Jess says “If there’s something we could do to make that happen for someone, we would love to do it.”

What does Modern Midwifery care look like during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Modern Midwifery is taking extra precautions to keep themselves and their clients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. At each appointment, both the midwives, the client and the partner, should they join, must wear a mask. During the pandemic, they have reduced the schedule of visits so that every one has less exposure. They also have introduces a policy that clients are to wait in the car or outside before being called to come in and the midwives sanitize the room between each client.

I hope this helps you if you’re looking for pre-natal care and are in the Delta area! If you’re pregnant and not in the area, check out my list of other Midwifery clinics in the Lower Mainland to find one that might be right for you!

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Modern Midwifery: Delta Midwifery Practice

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