One Tough Mother: Postpartum Care

One tough mother helps educate and empower new moms through the postpartum stage.

I’m just going to come out and tell it like it is – postpartum is no joke. I remember being shocked by it with my first. My mom and older sister told me all about the horrors of labour and really prepped me for the worst, but no one tells you that postpartum is longer and, at times, harder. That’s why I was absolutely thrilled when I found One Tough Mother. I’m passionate about supporting new moms through the transition to parenthood because, while it’s extremely exciting, it’s also really hard. Postpartum with my first was a rollercoaster, and I know that if I had some of these items, it would have helped a lot.

Engorged breasts, cracked nipples, pain down below from stitches, or (for your sake I hope not) hemorrhoids. The journey of learning to breastfeed if that’s how you choose to feed your baby, the sleep deprivation, the postpartum sweats, bleeding. Really, it’s all a nightmare. Throw in the hormone in-balance and you pretty much have a horror movie.

New mamas welcome their sweet babies.

One Tough Mother provides holistic resources to empower and educate you so that postpartum doesn’t smack you in the face the way it did me. They carry amazing natural, vegan and paraben-free products such as nipple balm, perineal spray, and bath tea, which can all be found in a handy-dandy postpartum care kit, along with everything else you’ll need to navigate postpartum as comfortably as you can.

But their products aren’t where it ends. One Tough Mother is passionate about educating and empowering women for the journey into motherhood (like me!) So they’ve created “The Ultimate Postpartum Handbook”. This book is a compilation of what to expect through postpartum from an assortment of experts, advice from moms, tips and tricks, and checklists to help you prepare. Their hope behind this book is that no new mom will ever wonder why no one told them about postpartum again!

Becoming a mom is a life-changing experience!

Another great way to prep for labour and postpartum is through a pre-natal class! Check out my list of Vancouver Pre-natal Classes to help get you ready for this new journey!

If postpartum is still way far in the future and you’re just beginning this pregnancy journey, I’m sorry if I scared you about what’s coming! I recommend starting at the beginning! Check out this list of Vancouver Midwifery Practices to help you find the best care for your pregnancy!

Check out the amazing items One Tough Mother offers at my affiliate link here and use the code postpartumcare for 10% off! *Please note that this is an affiliate link and I do receive commission on orders made through it.

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One Tough Mother: Postpartum Care

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