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Expecting a baby son? Check out this list of Vancouver Prenatal Classes

If you’re expecting a little one sometime in the next few months, you likely have a to-do list as long as your arm (if not longer!) While I sincerely hope finding a good newborn photographer is on your to-do list, you’ll almost definitely be looking for Vancouver Prenatal Classes.

It’s my goal in life to make the transition into motherhood as easy and stress-free as possible for as many women as I can. I know, it’s quite a feat. But I hope to take a few little things off your plate so that you can truly enjoy this season of waiting – the feel of that little baby squirming and kicking in your tummy, and daydreaming about what he or she is going to look like.

So, I’ve compiled a list of a few Vancouver Prenatal Classes here. Your research is done for you so you can pick one, check it off your to-do list, grab that bowl of ice cream, sit on the couch and enjoy those little wiggles.

Vancouver Prenatal Class #1: Baby Prep Prenatal Session

Baby Prep Prenatal Sessions are run out of the owner’s home for private, and intimate prenatal classes, while they rent space in Kitsilano for group sessions. Baby Prep offers not only prenatal classes, but also postpartum care and lactation consultation for after baby arrives. These supports can be priceless in the event that postpartum doesn’t go as smoothly as you hope.

Baby prep aims to provide new families with support, information and care from a Registered Maternity Nurse. They’re also aware of the opportunities families have to make new friends so they allow space for connection to happen in class as well as afterwards with a reunion so everyone can meet each others’ babies, so you pretty much get a built-in group of friends going through exactly the same things you are!

Samara Birth Services Prenatal Class

Samara Birth Services shares a location with Bloom Community Midwives on Davies St in Vancouver. Amanda, the owner and educator is a Registered Nurse, Lamaze Certified childbirth Educator and Board Certified Lactation Consultant who has 16 years of maternity experience. Expectant parents can anticipate a comfortable and relaxed learning environment with only 4-6 couples allowing for open and meaningful discussions about all topics. Amanda presents a scientific and evidence-based approach to labour, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding topics through lively, fun and engaging sessions. Her motto is ” there are no dumb questions, if you are thinking it, someone else is too! So ask away!”

In her prenatal classes, Amanda covers labour and birth including what to expect whether you experience a vaginal birth, Cesarean birth, hospital or home birth, as well as how to prepare for and how to manage the pain through pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic means. She also talks through the role of the support person and makes sure there is time for watching birth videos, open and non-judgmental discussions and hands-on practice for labour support. The initial postpartum period is described with an emphasis on recovery, what to expect, sleep and breastfeeding.

Vancouver Prenatal Classes with The Childbearing Society

The Childbearing Society Prenatal classes are informed by the philosophy that the transition into parenthood deserves support and celebration (and I wholeheartedly agree!) They also offer convenient online classes for those unable to make an in-person class work.

Their prenatal classes include topics like childbirth, breastfeeding, twins, caesarean, home birth, refresher, ecstatic birth, healthy pregnancy, crash course for dads, and postpartum circles. Their prenatal series can be taken in a 7 week evening course, or a ingle weekend workshop.

Other Prenatal Classes available

While these are three great options, if you’ve read about these classes and are still wanting to do more research, here are a few other Vancouver Prenatal Classes you can take a look at:

Dancing Star Birth

Down to Birth

Birthing Embrace

Prenatal in a Nutshell

And now that prenatal classes are checked off your to-do list, you can move onto a newborn photographer! Check out one of my in-home lifestyle newborn sessions, or, if you’ve already had a chance to check out my work, get in touch with me to book your session!

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Vancouver Prenatal Classes

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