Ridge Meadows Newborn Photographer: Baby Axel

This Ridge Meadows Newborn Photographer really just can’t cure her baby fever. Every time I have the opportunity to capture a family welcoming a new little one, I pretty much just burst with excitement and emotion and then go home and hold my now 15-month-old baby and whine about how he could possibly get so big so fast. This little family I had the pleasure of capturing recently made me particularly nostalgic. Their 2-year-old daughter and newborn son made me long for my semi-recent days when my own daughter was two and we had just welcomed her baby brother.

Ridge Meadows newborn photographer in-home lifestyle session with mama, baby boy and his big sister

When I first arrived at their home, chaos was in full force, as it usually is with a two-year-old and a newborn. Big sister was feeling particularly clingy and wasn’t excited about having to take off moms tank top that she was dressed up in for the photos. The moment I brought out the camera, though, her attitude changed. Little P was more than happy to smile for the camera, particularly if she got to see her cheesy little grin in my LCD screen immediately following. A budding Ridge Meadows newborn photographer, perhaps? Never fully satisfied with the results, she’d point at the camera and say “More! More!” which led to a very slow start to our session.

Newborn session with family welcoming baby boy in Pitt Meadows, BC

After daddy pulled out the candy to bribe, things started moving a little more quickly. Baby Axel was a dream. Happy to be snuggled into whoever held him, quick to grasp mom or dad’s fingers, and content to just sleep for the majority of our session, he was the perfect newborn model. He made it easy to capture those tiny, itty bitty features that grow and change so quickly. Those tiny toes, those little fingers, the way they squish their little faces into you.

Tiny baby boy features in an in-home lifestyle newborn photography session

I honestly could capture a newborn session every day. It takes a lot of self-control not to overload you by adding one of every photo from this gallery to this blog post, because man, I just LOVE them. Due to dad’s occupation, his image isn’t able to be shown, so fortunately for you all, I was forced to limit the photos and not completely overwhelm you!

But, if you’re like me and just can’t get enough of sweet baby photos, check out another of my favourite newborn sessions, here.

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Ridge Meadows Newborn Photographer: Baby Axel

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