Maternity Photography Surrey: Blackie Spit Session

Maternity photography, Surrey, BC is breathtaking with this soon-to-be mama of two!

I first met Katey back in September when she and her husband modelled for me for a styled wedding shoot. They were so much fun, and Katey and I kept in touch, connecting over our passion for photography. I was thrilled to be able to capture some sweet images of her and her son while they wait for baby boy number 2. Maternity photography in Surrey is breathtaking, from the fields of flowers to the sunset over the ocean. Blackie Spit was the perfect location for this sweet session.

As someone who grew up with 5 brothers, Katey is just the perfect mama for two little boys and I could not be more excited for her family to welcome the second this coming fall! Over the past few months as we’ve gotten to know each other, I’ve loved seeing how she embraces her son’s wild heart, encouraging him to explore and get dirty and be a typical little boy. As someone who grew up with girls, having a boy was scary for me, even though he’s the sweetest little peach ever. It’s been fun to watch Katey and learn from her as she navigates motherhood.

Mommy and me maternity photography session in Surrey, BC

This is her maternity photography, Surrey session. Katey’s excitement to become a mama to two is just so evident and she really is one of those pregnant women who just glow. She recently started her journey as a birth doula and is crazy enough to be actually excited about giving birth for the second time! I know most mamas are pretty excited to get the kid out, but most don’t look forward to the actual labour and birth! But her passion for motherhood is evident in all her creative work and in her lifestyle.

Gorgeous boy mama playing with her oldest while she waits on baby boy number 2!

Katey’s maternity photography, Surrey session was also special to me as it was my first session using my brand new client closet! Katey is wearing my Amelia dress, which is a lined lace, backless dress. I’m thrilled to be able to offer my clients a small assortment of dresses that are perfect for maternity, family or even newborn sessions! While the closet is currently small, it is growing and will include more dresses in varying sizes as I continue to build it up. If you are wanting to use a dress for your session, and don’t see something in your size, send me a message and we’ll find you the perfect outfit for your images!

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Maternity Photography Surrey: Blackie Spit Session

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