What to wear for professional photos

Worried about what to wear for professional photos? Leah is wearing one of the dresses from my client closet!

Hiring a professional photographer to capture any part of your families journey should be exciting, fun and stress free. But if you’re anything like me, the moment I start thinking about photos, I start wondering what we’re all going to wear! And if you don’t have a natural eye for fashion, or have experience picking out coordinating outfits for the whole family, this can add stress to your experience. I want my clients to feel comfortable and confident from the get-go, so instead of allowing them to worry about what to wear for professional photos, I’ve decided to make it easy on them.

All my packages now include access to my growing client closet. While it will be a while before I have outfits for the entire family, I offer dresses for mom, ranging in styles to suit different personalities and comfort levels. I’ve handpicked these dresses to work well with the lifestyle aesthetic I offer so you won’t feel awkward walking through a field with your family, or cuddling on your bed with your newborn.

Expectant parents styled in my new clients closet during their maternity sessions.

It’s so important to me that you don’t stress about what to wear for professional photos that I’ve taken it a bit further as well. When choosing a dress from my client closet, you’ll also be able to see which style of session I recommend each dress for, as well as what type of settings it goes great in. I’ll also offer different colour palette options that work well with each dress, so you don’t have to question what will coordinate and look good on the rest of your family.

As my client closet is still growing, I’m working on bringing in an assortment of styles for each size. At the moment, I’ve chosen the average size that’s worked well for the majority of my clients. But if you’re looking for a dress and not finding a style in your size that is really you, that’s totally ok! Just let me know and I’m happy to show you a few other options that I can get in your size!

Check out a maternity session with one of my breathtaking dresses here.

Expectant mamas wearing dresses offered to my clients for their sessions.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer this service to make my client’s experience easier and more relaxed! I’m also happy to offer advice and even shopping help when choosing outfits that coordinate with the dress of your choice!

If this sounds like a dream and will make your family, maternity or newborn photos even more enjoyable, feel free to check out the client closet!

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What to wear for professional photos

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