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A sweet newborn baby boy from the session I did as a newborn photographer in Surrey

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in the exact same stage of life as many of my newborn clients, but being a Newborn Photographer in Surrey, or really anywhere, is one of my favourite parts of this job. Yes, I absolutely love maternity sessions and capturing and getting to know whole families, but it’s the teeny tiny babies that really make me come alive.

Babies don’t keep. It’s a very true statement. My littlest is now 6 weeks old and it’s going by way too fast. He’s growing too fast. He’s our intended last baby and I want to remember every minute of it, every tiny detail – every little roll and wrinkle, toe and dimple. I want to remember the way it feels when he sleeps on my chest or nuzzles in when he’s hungry.

I’m just assuming my clients feel the same way, that this desire to remember and hold onto moments is universal among mothers. But moments are slippery things. Before we know it, they’re gone. Which is why I decided to become a newborn photographer in Surrey – to help other mamas who are desperately trying to cling to the moments that so easily slip through our fingers.

Sweet family welcoming their newborn baby in Surrey

Sweet Baby J and my little dude had due dates only a day apart. While Cohen decided to join us two weeks early, Baby J took his sweet time and made his mama, daddy and big brother wait an extra couple weeks before making his debut! I don’t think mama was overly pleased, but it worked out for me as it gave me a longer maternity leave!

When he finally showed up, though, I was excited to get back to being a newborn photographer in Surrey.

When I arrived the morning of our session, big brother G wanted to be part of everything. He wouldn’t leave his brother’s side, or mine. Like most kids, he was intensely interested in my camera. Of course, once we started the session, he became pointedly disinterested and wanted nothing to do with being in pictures!

Nevertheless, with the help of a Starbucks lemon loaf, we were able to coax him into taking part! And, as adorable toddlers tend to, he stole the show!

It’s always an honour to be invited into my clients’ home and help them hold onto these early moments of snuggles and itty bitty toes that grow and change so quickly!

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Newborn Photographer in Surrey

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