Kelowna Midwives: Care for your Pregnancy

Mama expecting her first baby. Find the top Kelowna midwives.

Choosing a midwife is a very personal decision, and I always encourage women to consider their options before settling on one who is best suited to their needs. To help you out, I’ve put together a selection of the top Kelowna midwives who will be here to support and guide you throughout your pregnancy. All of these midwives have multiple team members you can work with, so I know you’ll be able to find someone who is aligned with your expectations and needs.

Community Midwives Kelowna

Community Midwives Kelowna is located in the center of downtown Kelowna, and they also share their space with a doula and childbirth educator. Throughout pregnancy, I believe the number one consideration for women should be finding a compassionate team to work with, and Community Midwives Kelowna are known for just that. They aim to offer a positive pregnancy and birth experience, and I appreciate that they strive to create a safe and inclusive environment. Their Kelowna midwives can also assist with the postpartum period, which is something I know many women need support with.

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Family with baby bump at the beach. Find Kelowna midwives for your pregnancy care.

Malachite Midwives

When looking at Kelowna midwives, I was impressed by the services offered by Malachite Midwives. Their team is experienced in normal birth and offers holistic client-focused care. One of the things that stood out to me is that they offer their clients 30-60 minute prenatal visits, so you’ll really have the time to get to know your midwives. It’s so important to develop a relationship with your midwife, which can help to make the whole birthing experience much more relaxed and enjoyable.

Anne-Marie Cayer is the founder of Malachite Midwives, and I have heard so many great things about her in the local community. Anne-Marie is known for her kind and patient manner, which is just what you need during pregnancy. I know many women who’ve loved working with her and her team at Malachite Midwives and praise them for their compassion and understanding throughout their time working together.

Maternity Care Westside

During pregnancy, I believe it’s important to find a Kelowna midwife who will be able to support you from the early stages until after delivery. Maternity Care Westside can work with you from 11 weeks into your pregnancy and then until six weeks after delivery. I appreciate how they work to collaborate with you and understand your preferences during this time. Each one of us has very different requirements during pregnancy, and Maternity Care Westside can also offer group classes and breastfeeding support. With all of these services on offer, I think they are a great one-stop location for women during pregnancy.

When searching for Kelowna midwives, I highly recommend you check out any of these options listed above. All three of these companies are well respected in the local area, and I’ve heard so many great reviews about working with any of them. Whoever you choose to work with during your pregnancy, I hope you have a safe and wonderful experience bringing your newborn into the world.

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Kelowna Midwives: Care for your Pregnancy

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