5 Tips for Vancouver Spring Family Photos

Family on the beach during their Vancouver spring family photos.

Spring is such a gorgeous season for family photos. In Vancouver, as the trees blossom and the flowers come up, the colour and vibrancy make it one of the best times to capture memories with your family. But family photos can be stressful, especially with young kids. As a mom of three little ones, and a family photographer with 5 years experience, I wanted to share my 5 favourite tips for Vancouver spring family photos to make them as stress-free as possible!

Some of the biggest questions and stressors I get from parents in the spring are about how to dress everyone, when and where the session should take place, and how to keep kids happy and engaged. While the best policy with any photography session is to be flexible and relaxed, there are some things you can do to make it all easier.

Trust the photographer you choose for your family photos.

Your photographer is the expert here. You may have a vision of what you’re looking for, but she has the know how and experience to make that vision come alive. If she gives you advice on how to style your family, listen to her. If she recommends a certain time or location, hear her out. And if she tells you to do something during your session that seems silly or strange, just humour her. You’ll probably love the results.

Now that we’ve gotten that key thing out of the way, let’s move on to the other things you can do to have the best Vancouver spring family photos.

Consider different timings in spring in Vancouver.

Most outdoor photographers recommend shooting at golden hour. This is within an hour to an hour and half before sunset. Now, if you have older kids, this may not be a problem, but this can get very late for young ones. If your kids aren’t great with staying up late or even close to their bedtime, you’ll need to consider different options. In Vancouver, sunset during the spring can get very late and I’ve family sessions start at 8pm in the past to accommodate the beautiful lighting. I’ve also had children fall apart and get grumpy just a few minutes into their session as a result. You know your kids best. If a late nap will do the trick, or if they’re just fine around bedtime, this mat work for you. But if that’s not your kids, I highly recommend choosing a sunrise session. You’ll get the same beautiful light, without all the crankiness. Yes, it can be early, but kids are often at their best first thing in the morning, and it’s only for one day!

If it’s not possible to do either of these, you may need to find a different time of year to do your photos if you really want that beautiful golden light. Alternatively, opt for an in-home session or a shaded location earlier in the day.

Dress warmer than you think.

Many clients choose to do their sessions in spring, but want to dress for summer. While this is a beautiful look and I totally understand it, a cold child is a grumpy child. Think of layers. If you have a beautiful tank dress you want your daughter to wear, add a cute knitted cardigan over top. Think ankle booties instead of sandals. Picture a light sweater under the suspenders instead of a t-shirt.

If your photographer knows what they’re doing, they should guide you at least a little on what to wear both colour and style wise. They’ll give you advice on what photographs well and what does not and things to avoid. This comes back to trusting them and remembering they likely photographed a lot of impractically dressed families before you!

Find more tips on how to style your family for Spring photos here.

Take a back seat in posing your kids for your family photos

This one is the best advice no matter when you decide it’s time for family photos. So often, parents are so preoccupied with whether or not their children are smiling or looking, and so active in making it happen, that it’s the parents who are mid sentence or not looking in the images. Trust that the photographer knows what they’re doing and will ask for your help when they need it. Let them run the show and focus on relaxing! Spend time hanging out with your kids, smiling and laughing with them and know that the professional you hired knows exactly when to take the photo!

Don’t go too crazy on flowers.

I know one of the biggest draws for family photos in Vancouver in the spring is the flowers. We all want that perfect images with the cherry blossoms or the dogwoods in full bloom. Unfortunately, without having the power to predict the weather, it’s almost impossible to plan around these beautiful blossoms. Choose a location that offers many gorgeous backdrop options just in case a heavy rain knocks the blossoms down before your date!

I hope these tips will help make your Vancouver spring family photos everything you hoped and dreamed of! If you’re looking for the right photographer for your family, I’d love to chat with you and see if we’re a good fit!



5 Tips for Vancouver Spring Family Photos

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