Travelling to Vancouver with Kids

Family in Vancouver on the beach. Explore ideas of what to do when you're travelling to Vancouver with kids.

So you’re thinking of travelling to Vancouver with kids? Vancouver is a fun and vibrant city with so many kid friendly activities! It makes for a great family vacation destination! As a mom in the Vancouver area, here are some of my must-do activities for when you bring your kids to Vancouver.

First and foremost, if you’re bringing your kids to Vancouver, you’ll want to consider the weather. It rains here. Like, a lot. If you’re used to getting wet, or going outside with umbrellas and gumboots, you’ll fit right in! If not, I highly recommend planning your visit for the summer months or early fall. July, August and September are usually our warmest, driest months and will give you the most opportunity to explore!

If you don’t mind some rain and prefer to avoid crowds, April, May and June are great months to visit as the city brightens up with gorgeous Cherry Blossoms, tulips and other gorgeous foliage!

Once you’re here, if you’re travelling to Vancouver with kids, you’ll be looking for some kid-friendly activities! There are a ton in Vancouver, and almost all tourist websites will tell you to visit these places:

  • Science World
  • The Sea Wall
  • Van Dusen Garden
  • Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Granville Island

These are definitely the top five places, but here are a few extras for you to add to your list of must-do family activities:

Visit Innocent Ice Cream. While most blogs will tell you to visit Earnest Ice Cream or Rain or Shine Ice Cream (both also great ice cream places), I highly recommend Innocent Ice Cream. This cool business offers the traditional ice cream cone, but they also create delicious ice cream sandwiches with freshly baked cookies! And as a plus, everything is gluten free and they offer vegan ice cream as well!

Check out Jericho Beach. This may be a popular, and while it’s views of the city and mountains are definitely worth the trip alone, my favourite part (and my kids’ favourite part) are all of the wild bunnies! They’re every where at this beach, and they are oh so cute.

Circus Play Cafe. This is a great one for the rainy day! This is an awesome place to grab a coffee or snack while the kids get some energy out indoors.

Get a family photography session done! Is there a better time to capture family memories than on a family vacation? You’re already making memories together. This is a great time to capture them. I love working with families exploring Vancouver together to help them hold onto the memories they’ll treasure for years to come.

Check out a family session.

Take in a sporting event! There is always something going on in Vancouver between the Canucks, the White Caps, the Canadians and a ton of other local teams, there’s always some fun sporting experience to take in!

Do some shopping. There are so many good kids’ stores in Vancouver! Wherever you go, you’ll find something for everyone.

Find some of my favourite kids stores here.

Whatever you decide to do on your Vancouver adventure, I recommend wearing good walking shoes, be prepared for some amount of rain, and expect to be happy and exhausted at the end of the day!

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Travelling to Vancouver with Kids

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