Kid Friendly Restaurants in Vancouver

Pregnant couple with toddler. Find kid friendly restaurants in Vancouver

There’s no denying that going out for dinner with your whole family can sometimes be a nightmare. If you are looking to enjoy lunch or dinner out with your kids in Vancouver, today I’m going to share with you my selection of the top kid-friendly restaurants in Vancouver. All of these restaurants have great menus for your children to select from and a welcoming environment for families.

1. Rocky Mountain Flatbread

When I’m looking for a comfortable, kid-friendly restaurant in Vancouver, I always head to Rocky Mountain Flatbread. They serve delicious wood-fired pizza and a menu full of dishes made with organic ingredients. The restaurant is great for kids, and there’s even a small play area for them to let off some steam. In the summer, make the most of dining on the outdoor patio on a warm summer’s day.

2. Sophie’s Cosmic Café

If you are looking for kid-friendly restaurants in Vancouver to enjoy breakfast or brunch with your whole family, visit Sophie’s Cosmic Café. They offer an extensive menu that includes waffles, pancakes, and French toast. Your kids will have no trouble finding something to eat here, and you’ll appreciate the laid-back atmosphere inside the restaurant.

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Parents with kids. Find kid friendly restaurants in Vancouver.

3. Savio Volpe

You can’t go wrong with Italian food when dining out with kids, and this kid-friendly restaurant in Vancouver is usually packed with kids and families. Kids are given a cardboard fox mask when they enter the restaurant, and they are offered crayons to keep them entertained during the meal. There are a few different pasta options for kids, but they can also join in with the adult tasting menu if they feel more adventurous.

4. The Old Spaghetti Factory

Every time I’ve visited The Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver, I’ve always been impressed by how friendly and welcoming the staff are towards families and kids. The menu is excellent for both kids and adults alike, and you’ll find an extensive selection of meals to choose from. Even if you are dining with picky eaters, you’ll have no trouble finding something to eat here.

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5. Sal Y Limon

Most kids love Mexican food, which is why I highly recommend Sal Y Limon’s Kingsway location. This restaurant offers children a play area, a play kitchen, and a stage, so there’s no shortage of things for them to do while parents are enjoying their delicious margaritas. It’s quite a noisy restaurant, so you won’t have to worry about your kids being too rowdy. On top of that, the food is absolutely delicious, and kids will enjoy trying their burritos and tacos for lunch or dinner.

These are just a few of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Vancouver, but you’ll find that many restaurants in the city offer children’s menus and are welcoming of kids of all ages. Even if your kids are particularly picky, you’ll have no issue finding something for them to eat on the menus in these restaurants. Whichever of these restaurants you try out first, I hope you have a great meal with your family in Vancouver.

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Kid Friendly Restaurants in Vancouver

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