West Vancouver Family Photography Session

West Vancouver Family photography session with family of three at Whytecliff Park

As a photographer, my first goal is to connect with my clients. I love getting to know their stories, the things that mean the most to them, their passions, and their hobbies. I’m of the mind that you can’t really capture someones personality if you don’t know them. It only took mea few moments on the phone to know that it was going to be easy to get along with Thalia. She was so kind and personable, and the way she talked about her family made me excited to capture the story of their unique bond. I started off my busy season with their West Vancouver family photography session, and it was a great kick-off!

Thalia and her husband Moreno had their engagement session photographed at Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver. She suggested it as the location for their first West Vancouver family photography session and I agreed. I absolutely love when families choose a location that has some significance to them as the setting for their images!

Their little guy is pretty close in age to my little one, and reminded me of him right from the get-go. He was fun, silly and obviously adored by his parents. He wanted to do his own thing, which almost always involved holding or throwing rocks. It took some quick thinking on all our parts to get him to turn away from the water for more than a minute! I even had to get into the water on a few occasions to ensure he wasn’t turned away from me the entire time as he hurled rocks through the air waiting for the splash!

Mom and Dad were great at interacting with him and getting his attention, though, so before long we were able to create some stunning images that truly captures his sweet, affectionate little personality, and mommy and daddy’s love for him. We captured beautiful memories in a special place that they now get to treasure forever.

After viewing their photos, Thalia and Moreno chose to savour their images by creating a beautiful album out of their favourites, so they can flip through those pages and look back on this season of life, and one day hand it down to their beautiful boy.

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