How To Entertain Your Children This Summer In Vancouver

Family playing together. Read for ideas on how to entertain your children this summer.

Keeping children busy all summer long can be a difficult task for parents, especially those with kids of around the five to ten years old age group. The great thing about living in Vancouver is that there’s no shortage of things to see and do during the summer months. Today we’re going to share some of our favourite activities and outings for families with children in Vancouver. Keep reading for ideas on how to entertain your children this summer in Vancouver.

Visit the Greater Vancouver Zoo

You can’t go wrong with a day out to the zoo during the summer break, and kids will love seeing the 140 species of animals who call the Greater Vancouver Zoo home. One of the things we love about this zoo is that it protects rescued and orphaned animals, inspiring children to learn more about the world around them this year. The site is spread over 120 acres in Fraser Valley, giving children plenty of space to run around and get rid of their pent-up energy.

Granville Island

A classic day out for anyone wondering how to entertain your children this summer in Vancouver is a visit to Granville Island. This arts and culture hub has been open since 1979, and attracts both locals and visitors to the area. The Public Market is a highlight of your day here, where you can explore over 50 stalls which offer local produce. For children, make sure you check out the Vancouver International Children’s Festival each year, as well as the biggest free outdoor waterpark in North America, which is open from May to September.

Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver aquarium is one of our favorite indoor attractions for those days where you are trying to escape poor weather. This non-profit attraction is dedicated to educating kids and adults about aquatic life, and has been open since 1956. Year after year, they introduce new exhibits and initiatives, which will help to inspire your kids to look after the world around them long after their visit.

Play Abby Activity Centre

Play Abby Activity Centre is a great place to entertain your children this summer in Vancouver, thanks to its huge indoor playground. If your child is celebrating a birthday this summer, it would be the ideal location for a themed party. Even if you are short of time but need to keep your kids busy, you’ll find that a couple of hours here will offer your kids a day to remember this summer break.

There are so many different options when it comes to learning how to entertain your children this summer in Vancouver. As well as having fun with your children, make sure you look for activities which can help to keep them mentally active in the summer months, so that they don’t become too bored from spending too much time at home this year. No matter how much time you have on your hands, you’ll find that all of the places we shared above will make for a day out that your kids will remember for a long time to come.

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How To Entertain Your Children This Summer In Vancouver

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