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It’s been a long two years. In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many new parents who have had babies in the pandemic. The transition into parenthood can be lonely, and doing it in a pandemic has been anything but helpful. With restrictions lifting and life starting to return back to normal, many of us parents are excited to be able to reconnect with others going through a similar transition! In case you’re one of those new moms, hoping to connect but not sure where to start, I wanted to help! This post will give you lots of options for Mom groups in Vancouver to help you connect with other parents.

Whether you’re looking for mom groups in Vancouver that cater to moms who like to be outdoors, mom groups that walk, moms who own businesses, moms with one child or anything in between, there are plenty of options for meeting up with mamas who are in the same stage of life as you. These groups are great places to build new friendships and find people to navigate the rollercoaster of parenthood with!

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North Shore Moms, Babies and Kids!

This group is for moms with children who are in the newborn stage up to 5 years old. They meet in the North Shore and focus on having fun together and building friendships for both the moms and their kids. They’re a fairly active group, meeting for walks, runs, parks and swims, but also have brunch and lunch meet ups as well as mom’s night out for just the mamas.

New Moms Walking and Coffee group

This moms group is more geared toward new parents with babies up to toddler age. They are based in Vancouver and meet up for coffee and walks on a regular basis. They also visit parks and playgrounds to give the older children a chance to get some energy out!

Vancouver Bumps and Babies

If you haven’t had your little one yet but are hoping to make those connections as you wait, this might be a great group for you! This is a newer and smaller group, organized by someone who is expecting this year herself who is looking to connect with other expectant and new moms.

Downtown Moms, Babes and Toddlers

A larger group with over 800 members, this group welcomes diverse and active mamas who want to connect with others going through a similar journey. Their activities include stroller walking, coffee, beach days, hikes, picnics, Mom’s nights out and more in order to appeal to a wide range of Vancouver moms. They also encourage you to plan your own meet up if there’s not an activity that is of interest to you.

North Shore Moms group

This group is the North Shore version of the Downtown Moms, Babes and Toddlers. Slightly smaller with just over 500 members, this group is diverse and welcoming to moms with young kids with a variety of events around the North Shore area.

BC Business Moms Network

This group is for mamas juggling parenthood and a business. It doesn’t matter how old your children are, or what stage your business is in. This group is designed to encourage and supports moms who are wearing multiple hats as they juggle their kids and their business. They welcome members from all over B.C. from Chilliwack to Vancouver Island.

If you’re in the Vancouver area, one of these groups is likely a great fit for you as you seek out other moms looking to connect, build friendships and support one another.

Find all these groups and how to connect with them here.

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Mom Groups in Vancouver

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