5 Summer Photoshoot Outfits you can Find in Vancouver

5 summer photoshoot outfits you can find to style your family

It’s my job as a family photographer to create stunning images you want to display on your wall for years to come. But there’s a couple things you can do to help make this a reality. One of the most important things that you can do to make your family images everything you dream of is find amazing outfits. Helping you find the perfect ensembles is part of my job, and I can hold your hand with this as much as you need, from providing blog posts like this one, to sending you options online or even going shopping with you! To make this job even easier on you, I’ve chosen 5 summer photoshoot outfits you can find in Vancouver to get inspire you with!

Dresses from The Latest Scoop

I find the vast majority of great dresses are in the U.S., which is unfortunate for us fashion lovers on this side of the border! However, I’ve found a handful of local Vancouver brands that have amazing dress options for your summer photoshoot. The Latest Scoop is one of these brands. I always recommend a flowy dress with some movement to it, and always long enough that you’re comfortable bending over, sitting, and playing with kids. The Jailys Dress has tons of movement to it and a beautiful open back for a flattering silhouette and beautiful texture. My favourite summer photoshoot dress from the Latest Scoop, though, is the Floral tie-back maxi dress. The subtle print over a neutral colour compliments most locations and photographs really well. If you prefer sleeves to a sleeveless dress, the Floral printed wrap dress is also a stunning option.


Another place you can find one of my 5 summer photoshoot outfits I highly recommend is Hunni’s in Langley. The boho style they carry adds interesting texture and looks great in photographs. My current favourite is their Juniper Dress. While Langley can feel far to travel from Vancouver, they do have the option to purchase online as well! The Petal tiered dress is another great option from Hunni’s if you like a clean white, though it can prove challenging to match.

Plus Size Options

Unfortunately both the Latest Scoop and Hunni’s carry very standard sizes S-L. But there are still some stunning options if you fall anywhere outside those sizes! My absolute favourite at the moment is this stunning Floral Midi dress from Nordstrom. Hudson’s Bay also has some selection with a few adorable pieces!

Once you’ve found your perfect outfit, the next step is to build the rest of the family’s ensembles off of yours. During our consultation, we’ll talk about colour palettes that suit your style and your home and specific “dos and don’ts” as you choose outfits. Check out How to dress a Toddler for Family Photos for some adorable options for some of the more difficult members of the family to dress!

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5 Summer Photoshoot Outfits you can Find in Vancouver

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