Best Outfits for Family Photos

Family on the beach in Vancouver. Read here for best outfits for family photos

Finding outfits for family photos can be stressful. You want them to coordinate but not match, be a particular style, reflect who you and your kids are, and photograph well. As a mom of three, a family photographer, and a fashion enthusiast, I’ve found some amazing shops where you can get the best outfits for family photos. Many of these, I shop at quite regularly and can tell you first hand that they are amazing quality.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. When you shop with the discount code provided, I do get a bit of a kickback! I only offer this for brands I know, trust and can vouch for.

Best Children’s outfits for family photos

My number one, favourite Canadian shop for little girls for family photos is Nest and Nurture, hands down. My daughter has owned several pieces made by the owner and her seamstresses since she was about a year and a half, and every piece is beautifully made with the most amazing attention to detail. She often has ready to ship pieces, and since they come from Kelowna, they usually arrive quickly. You can shop her in stock items here and use the code KINDRED for 15% off your order!

If you have some time on your hands and want something more whimsical, I personally love The Indie Blue! This is another handmade shop, but being based in Florida, they can take a little while to arrive.

Tate and Adele is a personal favourite for both boys and girls. Their vintage inspired style adds beautiful small details to classic pieces to make them stand out from the rest! Their overalls, relaxed pants and grandpa style cardigans looks adorable on little boys of all ages, while their lace lined dresses look stunning in photographs. Also based in the states and being handmade, you’ll want to plan ahead if you’re purchasing from this shop. You can shop for these stunning pieces here with the code KINDRED15

Best outfits for mom

Morning Lavender is one of my favourite spots for family and newborn outfits for mom. They’re comfortable, beautiful and dreamy looking! Whether you’re looking for a sweater and skirt or a stunning, detailed, floral dress, this is the spot to do it! You can also take 10% off your order with the code Kindred10.

Hunnis is a great local option! With a storefront in Langley, it’s perfect if you prefer to try on clothes before you purchase. They have a great selection of dresses with boho, vintage or whimsical details in all sorts of colour palettes each season!

Joyfolie is a favourite for moms and girls of all ages. With styles from toddler sizes up to women, and even some mommy and me matching outfits, this shop takes the stress out of finding outfits for the women in the family!

Baltic Born is the go-to shop for photographers. Their range of dress styles from more casual midi dresses to gorgeous floor length gowns is perfect for whatever style you prefer for your family photos.

Best outfits for dad for family photos

There is a huge lack of options for menswear in the handmade and slow fashion world, so the variety and unique options just aren’t out there. However, I’ve found you can find some very solid mens outfits that photography great at more mainstream stores such as RW and Co, Nordstrom, Calvin Klein and even the Gap.

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Best Outfits for Family Photos

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