What To Wear To Your Fall Family Session

what to wear to your fall family session. Mom and daughter dressed perfectly for the occassion.

The fall is nearly upon us, and there’s no better time to plan a family photo session. One of the top questions I receive from parents planning this type of shoot is what to wear to your fall family session. Keep reading as I share some of the best fall family session outfit ideas, so that all of you look and feel your best during the shoot.

Long Skirts or Dresses for Mom

Moms are best in long skirts or dresses, which will help to keep you warm while still showing off your figure and personal style. A longer style will be best for the fall months but will still offer you the freedom of movement that comes with wearing a skirt or dress. To finish off the outfit, we recommend wearing brown leather boots, which will be a practical footwear option for an outdoor fall session.

Outfits for Younger Girls

For little girls, we recommend wearing a skirt with tights underneath to keep the legs warm. Pair this with a sweater for a complete outfit for little girls, with a pair of brown leather boots to finish off the outfit. Look for deep, rich tones for outfits in the fall, as these will look best against the changing leaves that we often capture as part of our fall photo sessions.

Outfit Ideas for Dad 

The man of the family will be best in a nice pair of pants and a coordinating sweater, which will allow him to run around after the kids while still looking smart for your family photos. Once again, we recommend opting for deep, rich tones, which will pair well with the other outfit ideas we’ve shared so far. Dads don’t usually feel comfortable in bold and bright outfits, so choose something subtle that will make you look and feel your best all day.

Overalls or Corduroys for Boys

Finally, for a young boy in your family, we recommend wearing overalls or corduroys. These will allow them to run around to their heart’s content without worrying too much about getting dirty or scruffy. Choose darker shades for little boys, as they are far more likely to get messy during the photo session. Make sure you add a pair of comfortable shoes that they’ll be happy standing around in during the session. The main thing to think about for your son’s outfit is that they feel comfortable. You don’t want them pulling at the clothing throughout the day, as this will only reflect badly in the final images.

The number one thing to keep in mind when choosing fall outfits for a photo session is that everyone in your family feels comfortable throughout the shoot. You don’t want anyone to be pulling at their clothing, as this will often be caught on camera and ruin your perfect family photos. Instead, take your time to test out a few outfits before, so you can be sure you will all look and feel your best on the big day. I hope these tips have made it easier for you to pick out what to wear to your fall family session!

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What To Wear To Your Fall Family Session

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