Vancouver Fall Family Photography

Vancouver fall family photography session with mom, dad and baby.

With the fall nearly upon us, there’s no time like the present to book a Vancouver fall family photography session. If you are thinking about using the beautiful fall colours for your backdrop this season, there are certain things to keep in mind when planning your session. Keep reading as I share some of my top Vancouver fall family photography tips for a photo session this year.

Use the Fall Colours As Your Backdrop

There’s no better time of the year to head out into nature in Vancouver for a family photo session. If you are lucky enough to live in the local area, you’ll know that there are many wonderful parks that have a stunning colour palette at this time of the year. The deep red and orange colours make the ideal background for your upcoming shoot, and I recommend that you always do an outdoor photography session at this time of the year. Try to match your clothing to this colour palette, but don’t make it too similar that you blend in with the leaves. I love navy blue, dark red, and white as a colour combination for this time of year, and this is an easy combination of colours for men and women to wear.

Dress for the Colder Weather

Although I highly recommend heading outdoors for your Vancouver fall family photography session, you’ll need to make sure you are dressed for the occasion. The later in the year you leave this shoot, the cooler it will get. For women, always wear tights or leggings underneath your outfit, even if they will be hidden from view. Opt for long-sleeved pants and tops where possible, as you don’t want too much skin out on show. If you are worried about your little ones getting too cold, I’d recommend adding a little hat or some fun accessories to keep them warm during the session.

Book a Photography Session for Sunrise or Sunset

My favourite time of the day for a photography session is sunrise or sunset. Sunsets usually produce more colours than sunrises, but both will be a great option for your shoot. The colours at this time of the day are much more defined, and you’ll find the skies are clearer for your background. Of course, the temperature is a little cooler during the mornings and evenings, so keep this in mind when choosing the outfit for your session.

Check out a sunset session here!

Choosing a Location for Fall Foliage

The great news is that there are numerous spots for fall foliage in Vancouver. You’ll have no trouble finding somewhere for your Vancouver family photography session, and most photographers in the area will be happy to meet you there. Of course, you could also set up a photography session yourself if this is something you feel comfortable with. A few of my top locations within a short drive of the centre of the city include Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Grouse Mountain, and Mt. Currie. They are all centrally located but offer stunning backdrops for a family photo session.

By following these top tips listed above, you’ll find that your family is prepared for a fun and memorable Vancouver family photography session this fall. The fall colours are the ideal background for your family photos, and you’ll create memories that you’ll treasure forever during your photoshoot.

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