Kelowna Photographer: Natural, emotional photos

Family at a lake. Kelowna photographer

Hey there, I’m Kelly! Your Kelowna Photographer. I’m passionate about capturing unposed, authentic memories for new parents and young families. Whether you’re expecting your very first baby, or you have a house full of active little ones, this season goes by so quickly. Before we know it, they’ll be getting their driver’s license and heading to university, and all we’ll be left with is memories, and some beautiful images of their childhood.

This season of life is chaos, and most days feel very far from glamorous. But there’s a beauty in this stage we often miss when we’re in it. Every parent I talk to with older children, looks back on this stage with fondness. Our children will never need us or want to be with us as much as they do while they’re little. Their care-free attitudes and trusting spirits will unfortunately get weighed down as they grow. That’s why my goal as a Kelowna photographer is to capture the beauty in this season before you miss it! It’s my job to be a fly on the wall while you snuggle and play with your kids, so you can enjoy the memories of that innocent smile and mischievous laughter for years to come!

Family photos by a Kelowna photographer

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We’ve all seen the perfectly posed family photos with everyone sitting nicely and staring at the camera with a big cheesy grin on their face. When toddlers are involved, there’s generally one with a scowl or looking the wrong way. From my experience, toddlers and young kids don’t love being told what to do, and their listening skills aren’t great. That’s why my sessions are natural and play-based, so your images reflect who your kids really are and all the things about them that warm your heart.

As a mom myself, I know how quickly kids change and grow and how much we reminisce of times we miss. I love capturing each child’s unique personality so that when you look around your home at your beautiful images, you’re taken right back to that moment, that smile and that personality quirk you love so much.

Images of a little boy and a baby girl

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Kelowna Photographer: Natural, emotional photos

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