Fall Family Activities around Vancouver

Kids in the fall on a bench. Find great fall family activities around Vancouver

Fall is here and there are plenty of great fall family activities around Vancouver for you to enjoy. While the weather is still quite pleasant, it’s the perfect time to get out and about and explore some of the best attractions in the local area. I’ve put together a list of some of my top fall family activities in the city, all of which I’m excited to experience once again over the next couple of months.

VanDusen Botanical Gardens Harvest Days

The VanDusen Botanical Gardens are beautiful to visit at any time of the year. That being said, they really come to life in a whole new way during the fall with their Harvest Days. The maze area and vegetable garden are a highlight for young visitors, which is why it’s one of the top fall family facilities in and around Vancouver. Children can enter for a discounted rate and kids ages four and under are free, making this a very affordable day out for the whole family. You’ll love the fun photo setups for the season, which will create some beautiful memories for your whole family.

Watch the Salmon Run

The fall is the perfect time to enjoy one of the best fall family activities in and around Vancouver if you are a nature lover. The salmon run takes place each year from September to November, with October being the peak time for this event. It’s when the fish swim to the rivers from the ocean and it’s an incredible sight to see if you never have before. The best places in the area to witness this migration include Tynehead Hatchery, Capilano River Hatchery and Little Campbell Hatchery.

Tave’s Family Farm

Another great way to connect with nature at this time of the year is to go apple picking. Kids will love this activity, which you can enjoy at Tave’s Family Farm. This third-generation farm is located in Abbotsford, which isn’t too far from the city. As well as enjoying your apple picking, kids will appreciate the pony rides and the excellent corn maze. There’s also a petting zoo, so there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained all day long. Enjoy picking a variety of apples during your day here and then spending time with your family baking when you get back home.

With so much to see and do during the fall months, you’ll want to make sure you start planning family outings each weekend. These are just a few of the best fall family activities in and around Vancouver, but you can be sure there are plenty of other things to see and do as a family. While the weather is still pleasant, make sure you get out and explore the local area before the cold winter months that are coming our way soon. There are plenty of special events for Halloween and other festivities at this time, so it’s also a great time of the year to revisit attractions you’ve visited in the past.

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Fall Family Activities around Vancouver

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