Best Vancouver Private Schools

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As a parent, offering your child the best education possible is something that should be a priority. Choosing one of the best Vancouver private schools can help to offer your child more attention and better learning facilities. Today I’m going to share some of the top private schools in the area, all of which will help your child to grow and continue learning over the next few years.

Crofton House School

Parents of girls will want to consider Crofton House School, which is one of the best Vancouver private schools if you are looking for an all-girls prep school. Students from kindergarten age through to 12th grade can study here. The extensive curriculum helps students to pursue their passions and enjoy lessons in music and fine arts. As a school, they also work hard to connect with the local community through outreach programs. These help to encourage students to be well-rounded individuals and confident as they travel through life. While the tuition fees are quite costly here, the campus and teaching faculty make this a worthwhile investment for parents.

Pear Tree School

Private schools are a great option for parents looking to set their children up for success from a young age. The Pear Tree School welcomes kids from kindergarten up to junior high school with its unique approach to teaching. It uses technology and outdoor classes to help children prepare for everyday life. Expect a focus on life skills as your children grow older, leaving them confident in public speaking, cooking, and other everyday skills. We particularly recommend the school for young children who are interested in sport, as they encourage kids to focus on their personal interests. While the campus here is smaller than some of the other best Vancouver private schools, you’ll find that the facilities are modern and well-kept.

Alexander Academy

Children in grades 9 to 12 are welcomed to the Alexander Academy, which can be found in downtown Vancouver. The school knows that each child learns in a different manner, and so they tailor their education to their unique goals and skills. It has one of the most beautiful campuses of all the best Vancouver private schools, with views over the ocean and mountains. The wellbeing of your children is at the forefront of everything the school does and teaches, so you can be sure they’ll be in good hands upon studying here.

These are just a few of the best Vancouver private schools. The good news is that the city has options to fit everyone’s needs, whether you are looking for single-sex or mixed schools. I highly recommend weighing up your options when it comes to the top private schools, as it’s a huge investment to make financially over the course of your child’s education. That being said, as a parent, you want to do all you can to support your child, and finding the right school for them can help them to go further in the future in whatever career path they hope to follow.

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Best Vancouver Private Schools

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